How to Download POKEMON GO Right Now – Country Hack IOS and Android

Pokemon GO just launched but not in all countries. Using this simple tricks you can access Pokemon go in any country and start playing without any concern of banning or damage to your account. Check out how right now in the video and make sure to share it with your friends.

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  1. You do realise your facecam blocked the part where you switched countries right?

  2. Guys use this Apple Id its free for all of you – , password – PokemonGo1 – I hope this will help you much !!! (IOS)

  3. Im from germany and i cant create a australian applestore account they dissabled it :/ if someone has one for pokemon go and could give it to me it would be really cool

  4. I made an Australian account, and Pokémon Go does not even appear in the App Store.

  5. it didn't work for me my postcode won't work for anything but Canada can you help?

  6. I could download the app but i can't move in the game.It says there was a gps problem.Can someone help me?

  7. You might get banned from downloading the apk.

  8. I have united states and i have ios10 beta but ar mode wont work for ios10

  9. hahaha I fricking love this. Australia and New Zealand always have to wait a while longer for events and shit, but for once, the bitter sweet victorious-ness is here when Aussie and NZ are before you guys😂

  10. wtf always black screen

  11. Yo is the app Fucking up for anyone else? it's not showing me my locations anymore like pokemon nearby poke stops and gyms it was just fine but it stopped today

  12. wat about lg g stylio

  13. that a lie i had my iphone and i was able to search the app and dowanload it


  15. or you could just go to goggle play store and download it

  16. Looks like we thought about the same thing

  17. I fixed my app crashing if you need help on ios contact me on kik and ill tell you if you need help my kik username is iLoeza

  18. the game is always crashing 🙁

  19. sir i have one question ? can we still download it even we dont have iphones. ? bcoz i already download apk. bt here in phil. its locked / blocked. how can we download it ? theres a lot of my friends here in phil. waiting for it. ! hope u can help me . 🙁

  20. Dude! You are f***ing awesome,! I'm subbing right away

  21. when is is it realising for america i dont like doing this kind of thing

  22. I had an Apk of Pokemon GO but it's severs went down almost 3 hours ago. not sure what to think

  23. Will my progress be gone after i get the '' real '' thing in i quess in a day or two ?

  24. How do I get out of putting in my Credit Card? Its not valid in Australia and It wont let me skip that step :/

  25. Can I use someone's account to download it it's not working for me !

  26. Need a australian phone number zzzz i can't find anyone :(( help

  27. can you give links?

  28. Hey. How to download vpn in Australia?

  29. downloading the apk nervous about being banned

  30. Yo Alex your a Fucking boss man i got it in In lv 4 atm even managed to evo one of my piddgis i think here in Puerto Rico there's a lot of them and a lot of rattatas but I'm not complaining tho my highs cp is piddgeotto his 95

  31. I did everything, changed regions etc. got app download and opened and approved in settings but now it says "failed to get player information from the server". I also have a working vpn set on Australia, Any Ideas?

  32. Is there a hack for location? I was unable to play because of the location. Ios user

  33. someone put a billing address and a phone please

  34. mine says There is a problem parsing the package from Philippines

  35. Hey, I'm from Vancouver too! Just got back from a midnight walk taking over 4 gyms 😛

  36. I use iOS and it asks me to input the australian credit card informations but it doesnt accept my credit card.. help

  37. i caž7t download it because i need to insert card information and then it changes the store to my country how can i bypass that?

  38. Hey dude i have a problem with the apple id. I create a new acc but it keep asking me for a visa or marstercard and i dont have one

  39. App just keep crashing im on ios please help!

  40. the app just crashes

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