How To Win In Season 10! – Fortnite Battle Royale Tips & Tricks

In this video, I talk about how to get your first win in Season X or Season 10. The new season brought a lot of changes to the game, so in order to stay ahead of the curve, we need to adapt and make changes ourselves. The first big change Epic made in Season X was the addition of the giant robot mechs called B.R.U.T.E.S. These things are capable of destroying people from across the map with its missile launcher and goomba stomping bots. It is extremely overpowered, but I do give some tips on…


  1. Welcome to season x, where rng was absolute dog sh*t

  2. im trying to win at the end of season x and all of the tutorials including this one is just talking about mechs and they got rid of them nobody has made one since agoust 2nd or 1st or just the first days of season x its annoying

  3. Here are stamps

    Mechs- 0:42
    Map changes- 5:02
    Weapon/item changes- 7:16

  4. Ok No wonder I got 6 win this season no item to rotate it's so easy

  5. I have 0 solo wins no joke check my stats
    xd_polum is my user
    If someone could carry me that would be great 🙂

  6. So, how I got my first win:

    hide in bushes till endgame
    make sure to always have enough mats and ammunition & healing
    when only 1 guy is alive, come out of bush and then try to kill them by using things like fart nades or just laser them

    or just use the mech(jk)

  7. 0:42 mechs
    5:02 map changes
    7:16 weapon/iten changes
    9:24 current meta

  8. B itch
    R eally
    T hots
    E pic

  9. bro can you teach me how to edit so fast ,i faster when building but i very slow when edit (I HOPE YOU HELP ME )my name is TTV default boi

  10. You know how you do the ramp floor wall push do you start with the wall or floor first?

  11. Can you buy me a skin in fortnite like gift it to me

  12. 10:02 predicts epics statement about brutes

  13. Sorry I'm a fan but I am not use that sh*t(brute)

  14. I don’t use mechs because I’m not a loser

  15. I love your videos they help allot

  16. ive been playing since season 3 and i hav 0 solo wins 0 duo wins and 5 squad wins

  17. I want the prison to be back 😣

  18. Yesss I will definitely get wins with the mech and that’s what everyone should do

  19. I am been playing since season 7 and I only have forty wins as I mostly get thirsted

  20. i only got one win in season 10

  21. 2:32 how do you get his skin for the brute

  22. Grrrrr i didn't get a season x glider please help!!!!!!! I'm in 2 place 🙁

  23. the new junkrift oneshots the mechs

  24. I sniped two people in 1 battle

  25. Item shop: sells soccer skins
    Everybody: ahh shit here we go again

  26. I’m pretty sure everyone knows what mechs are

  27. I've got it 3 times in squads

  28. I honestly feel like quitting. The community is toxic and obsessed with the game and it’s impossible for people like me to win or have fun with all the tryhards that want to show their friends how many wins they got the next day at school

  29. Can someone help me to get my First Session x win Pls i want the win glieder

    Epic games Name : BRUTALIST YT

  30. Started playing at season 3 still havent got a win in season X

  31. Still waiting for BRUTEs to be vaulted

  32. And can you make a video that explains how to win with high kill games cause i don't want to win by sitting in a mech all game.

  33. I think i'm gonna grind solos now

  34. At 8:45 in the vid he says that nobody lands at happy hamlet which is completly incorrect. Every game i land their at least 3-4 people are their. Just saying

  35. How do u have 0 ping constantly

    Please reply

  36. How to win:
    Just dont play the game

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