Pokemon GO Raid Music

Trainers, GO Hub has managed to extract all of the new Raid tracks from the 0.67.1 Pokemon GO APK.


You can listen to specific tracks here:

Track listing:

– “Raid Timer”: 00:00 – 00:47
– “Raid Entry”: 00:47 – 01:32
– “Raid Battle”: 01:32 – 03:26
– “Raid 21 sec loop”: 03:26 – 03:49
– “Raid Capture”: 03:49 – 04:57
– “Raid Up” : 04:57 – 05:04
– “Raid Down” : 05:04…


  1. Yup, Jobot Rones is right.

  2. Yo crei que no existia esto xd ,pero lo encobtre y me alegro de hacerlo xd

  3. Amo pra caralho essa Raid Timer pqp…

  4. Gym theme except intense

  5. 4:00 when a 38000+CP Entei is waiting for you

  6. Perfect music to raid a magicarp in my neighborhood

  7. I guarantee lots of people haven’t heard raid entry

  8. 5:04 When you defeated the Big Giant lol

  9. 3:27 when you Need to run the 100m in under 9,58 seconds

  10. I accidentally hit my dog head using rubber ball lol

  11. Where is the raid Pokemon summary music

  12. If it's a Magikarp raid, Niantic should make another version of the raid soundtrack. Played on the whoopee cushion.

  13. It sounds like a retro bowser battle a little.

  14. Buen tema que parece de acción, esto me da energía para ganar , pero no entiendo porque los legendarios tienen que ser nivel 5 o 4, es imposible vencerlos solos .

  15. Pokémon go is so underrated…

  16. 2:55 rival blue final battle theme

  17. I added the new raid theme to my Pokémon GO soundtrack playlist!

  18. I love thé musique battele

  19. I like this canal because the music are very movidet

  20. You forgot when you get items from raids

  21. Are you able to post the item acquisition tune?

  22. NEW 0.69.0 RAID MUSIC?!?!?!?!

  23. the 2nd theme is Remix of pokemon red

  24. raid capture is a part of the mewtwo theme pokemon x/y

  25. how did you extracted it and where did you found it in the apk?

  26. These are amazing! Just hoping they change the wild pokemon/walking sound! They seem way more cheerful than these and really no longer fit. Niantic is finally going in the right direction with everything!

  27. sounds like a main series game

  28. I thought it was epic…i found a Lapras raid at a gym a little outside of town. There was only 25 mins left. I immediately messaged my team to come over to help me. I was staring at the big lapras and had this song playing as I was waiting for my team. All of them arrived with a minute to spare.

  29. Dude that raid capture theme is a remix of the Alola elite four. I love it


  31. 3:46 Interesting new theme.

  32. The raid battle music is the best song to come out of this game tbh.

  33. Is it just me, or is Pokémon go getting way better with the music?

  34. quick thank you Pokemon hub for providing us with leaks and hype

  35. Raid music make me feel awesome!!

  36. Bout time you guys had a channel 😊

  37. wow, this sound is really amazing for gaming.


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