PUBG MOBILE LITE – Squad Gameplay – Part 23

PUBG MOBILE LITE – Squad Gameplay – Part 23

I am playing PUBG Mobile Lite on my Galaxy Note 9, I am not a pro at all.

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  1. Amazing player but you not review your player

  2. Bai hamra sath b game khalo gya

  3. Bro please help me meri videos pe like views and subscribers nahi aate

  4. bhai vidio kemeti karucha

  5. Namma ladelama thalaiva una

  6. Thalaiva summa terike vidu

  7. My father have a big market of mobile and accdeseries

  8. Playing on note 9 i have note 10

  9. Aap mere sath pub g mobile lite khaliye please ye ha meri id 975202AA please

  10. Bro you are awesome and I have been kill 21 players

  11. Why u donot take M249 instead of aug 30

  12. Please tell your name in pubg mobile lite

  13. Maine 16 kill kiye hai solo

  14. i want to play with you

  15. I can play better than you in solo Vs squad

  16. Please subscribers to my channel

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