1. He should have been dead ten times over but his connection is wired .

  2. And this is exactly why I refuse to play mobile .

  3. Thtas playing with Mouse & Keyboard or game Console?

  4. Apne pbg download ki hai ja cd ki help se ki hai install

  5. Noob iam at ace with 7kd

  6. Can you please Tell Me the minimum requirements

  7. He loks like pubg ios and android

  8. 6:47 happens with me too


  9. play me plis add need friend in the emulador :'v

  10. You are the worst player I have ever seen….

  11. How the fuck did I get here. Weird. I have potato pc and just animating some horror. but my potato pc recommended me here WTF

  12. U r fucking noob man delete the game also and acc 👎👎👎

  13. playing on emulator is very hard because aim assist not working on emulator

  14. I’m on mobile and I’m better then you

  15. in emulator u can quick scope

  16. WTF i7 7Gen
    32 Gb Ram
    1080 Ti ????
    and playing Pubg Mobile are u fucking kiding me ?

  17. U are a shame for pc emulators

  18. you are a noob if i would be playing on your pc i will have 20 kills or more

  19. 5:53 did anyone else noticed the 8x scope

  20. Ita sad that people think that mobile players fighting agains emulator players just sad

  21. You're already playing on pc but ur worse than a mobile player

  22. hi bro what is ur device specs can u reply with all of ur device specs??

  23. I sub becouse your a Filipino and your the best

  24. playing on emulator is cheating and emulators will play pubg on mobile then they will not able to play on mobile

  25. i want to download free fire on tencent gaming buddy but there is coming that you are using low version of tencent gaming buddy plzzz give a answer of this GamingPH.com

  26. 1080 ti: oooof I can play PUBG mobile

    PUBG PC: Am i a joke to u

  27. This is where it all started
    ..now emulator players being pro defeating mobile players like gaynamo lul

  28. Sir mere laptop mai ping install nahi ho raha hai

  29. i have 4gb ram and GeForce MX130 w/ 2GB VRAM
    will it work?

  30. How are you not facing bots at all wtf

  31. me to i hav pubg mobile on my laptop

  32. I'ts good for play pubg in pc But We Need Batter pc 😉 😀 XD

  33. Is he actually playing with mobile players? Because if so, pros could just get on here and destroy everyone and it wouldn't be fair at all.

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