1. I rlly want that account😅🤤

  2. I think everyone that whatches u wants that locker doode

  3. Man puberty hit him like a BUS 🚌

  4. Your shotgun accuracy is fucking horrible jesus christ

  5. Trade accounts? I’m friends with ViciousJosue, you can look him up on YouTube and if you want he can be in party with us while we do it

  6. I haven't watched you in a while your voice changed

  7. Lol u think u ninja 😂😂😂

  8. Could I buy your fortnite account?

  9. Everyone wants your account 😂

  10. Want to buy your acc

  11. Just stop streaming if your gonna stream 20 mins

  12. Most ppl in this comment section I've never seen in live streams

  13. How much for your acct fr?

  14. Dude I’ve been a fan of you even before I played fortnite

  15. Can I play with you bro

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