? Top 5 Games Like Apex Legends for Android/iOS

Here is a list of top 5 games like apex legends for android and iOS, All the games are chosen very patiently MD carefully to meet the fulfillment of apex legends.

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No. 5
ShadowGun Legends

Android =

iOS =…


  1. Your comments and thought encourage me to make more videos.

    Download Apex Legends Beta Testing Version for Android
    (with your comments)

  2. What is the song name

  3. Isn't that call of duty mobile

  4. One other game on iOS is bullet force, it has online and offline modes (not sponsored) it’s just a good game

  5. Call of duty cant be like apex its like call of duty

  6. Top 5 Apex like Games
    PUBG : Am I a Joke to You?

  7. correction: gaypex legends

  8. Do this video sucks you got your facts all wrong is nothing like Apex it just has a name like Apex dummy

  9. Shadowgun legends was here first

  10. Wat do u record with for this video

  11. ShadowGunLegends and ModernCombatVersus

  12. Millet Shootout looked more like PUBG

  13. Im really happy because i saw this video

  14. The first one is looking interesting 🤔

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  16. Whats the song name in 5 i find everywhere but i cant.

  17. Rideout heroes seriously dumbass apex is 1st person not 3rd person

  18. Apex is the copy so is not games that looks like apex :v

  19. And you miss one game it’s call cyber hunter

  20. That is call of duty mobile

  21. Shadowguns is trash. You have to kill bots to get good loot. Literally 40 hours MINIMUM of grinding for gear before you can hang with people online.

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