Apex Legends season 1, 2, 3 & 4 Legends / Characters! We have new images of new legends to check out today from a recent datamine / leak!

Wattson Details:

Apex Coins giveaway details:
I will be giving awa 11500 Apex Coins To One Lucky Person at th eend of the giveaway! To be in with a chance of winning, make sure you are subscribed to this channel, leave a like on this video & drop a comment down below!…


  1. you were right about Crypto you know that is coming out when he did not come out yet

  2. I subcribe comend and noti

  3. Get 2000 coin send alifpro122

  4. Most of these don’t look like the ones currently. And nomad is called revenant

  5. Gamertag NeonBullNinja1 PS4 love the vids

  6. can i please have those coins😍

  7. He made this video in season 2. Wattson and Octane are already out

  8. 8 month later and u was goddamn right man

  9. I subed and turn nof can I enter the giveaway

  10. I was the 3k like ;))

  11. I wold love the giveaway

  12. I subed liked and hit that bell

  13. The character Jericho his name is skunner not Jericho

  14. DPJ. love all your vids bro. I have watched you for a long time now. everything from destiny to borderlands 2 and 3 and apex legends. keep up the great videos man.

  15. How game tag is Honey2215

  16. Crypto is a real legend

  17. Three of them are already out, I want the damn nomad and Jericho to see wtf there about. Everyone else are telling by there body types and names.

  18. My username in apex is Gene

  19. I subscribed! <3 Love your content!! BTW, this is my comment for the giveaway

  20. Nomad wattson crypto and octane are existent according to Respawn

    Nomad is now called revenant

  21. I want to get into the giveaway

  22. I liked and slaped dat bell so hard that I think!!!!

    well I could not think of something funny 🙁

  23. I sub and liked plus I hit the notification bell 🙂

  24. Bruh if this was so accurate im getting hyped to play nomad

  25. stoop crypto is dae jun park

  26. Its multiple black woman but not one black male 😔 that hurt a little it'll make the game perfect

  27. I’m here 7 months saying yes all very much correct

  28. im. sub. my user. and the other thing ok my user is ace-zach

  29. Can't believe he was soo accurate on Watson, crypto, and octane. I hope rampart and nomad look as good as he predicts

  30. Revenant might come soon

  31. keep it up with your good vidoes i love your vidoes

  32. hello everybody im from the future and im saying BIG TANKS ON DAT XDDDD

  33. Wattson looks like an old man

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