1. your name is stella chung
    my name is gregorio chung

  2. Of course I wanna see crypto but I really wanna know who's voice was that such a pretty voice

  3. It would be funny if Crypto drone and Lifeline drone fell in the love

  4. So now I have those 12k to buy a legend what legend should I buy now or should I wait for s3?

  5. i wish in season 3 we could have duos and solo mode…..

  6. People say crypto is a recon NO ONE WILL REPLACE BLOODHOUND(like if your a bloodhound main)

  7. When Bangalore signal the airstrike

    Octane:"WHOO AIRSTRIKE!"

  8. Crypto's attitude could be like caustics.

  9. Crypto already try to hacking all monitor in map

  10. hey stella , you're a hot asian !

  11. I have an exclusive leak I’d like to share w you guys

  12. Called legend they arnt all heroes

  13. This game has so much potential . I enjoying playing it how it is but a better server , a map thats more than just random buildings , and a bigger variety of weapons would be great.

  14. Bro what if crytpo does what zero does in bo4?

  15. Best graphics = best game = best channel

  16. I feel like he can be able to hack and disable traps for a short period of time

  17. Imagine a hero who's ultimate can respawn a player with a respawn beacon isn't available. That'd be pretty cool considering my teammates always die and leave the match.

  18. i want solos and duos permanent and to be able to scrap skins i don't want for crafting material.

  19. It would be cool to prestige after lvl 100 and earn rewards it would make it easier for people to get apex packs and the red currency thing so they can buy legends

  20. Hero? This is apex not overwatch

  21. Well i don't want any new features or new weapons , characters but instead i want respawn to fix their damm servers, or atleast makes it like pubg whenever u got kicked u can reenter the game again, something like that

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