Apex Legends is getting sweaty

Apex Legends sweat levels are high recently. Still have a lot of fun with this game but it’s hard to win. Clutches are required! NEW T-Shirt! Thanks for watching, leave a like and a comment.



  2. Better then wingsofredemption

  3. I hate Gibraltar man, so hard to kill now

  4. It always has been sweaty asf…

  5. This game is sweaty as fuck right now! Always intense and rarely don't come up against a couple squads of sweats each game

  6. Battleroyale sucks in general

  7. The fact that you can run jump around a corner then hop fire a heavy pistol is ridiculous.

    PC is a fucking joke, you guys are not better gamers, you are worse because your maneuvers are idiotic.
    No recoil, hip fire accuracy? Lmao

  8. why your graphics is like in borderlands..? it's cartoonish lol

  9. Well, what do you expect? It’s a popular game with a smooth movement and 90% usable guns. Basically a majority of games have sweaty players. Hell, Fortnite has some sweaty players. Pubg as well.

  10. 9:53 he hit him with a sniper for ONE. 1 DAMAGE haha that's funny but it's even funnier that it killed him

  11. It started fucking sweaty lol

  12. It was sweaty on Day 2, as soon as all the other BR sweats realised they could make a quick buck on it!

  13. Some snappy ass aim you have boi mmmm mmm <3

  14. You have one thing that no other team has that I have seen and that is communication and really good team work.

  15. You playing with Ricky gervais

  16. I liked this game at first but hate it now. It feels like a spaz fest. Like the characters just did 6 lines of coke off a hookers back.

  17. Hi jack what router do you use

  18. that seemed pretty average tho being competitive is fun

  19. You are already sweaty lol 😁

  20. Not as sweaty as fortnite

  21. My son said to me…. why u shooting at a downed guy???? Lol

  22. I actually remember that game when you guys pushed up on us in that house at 2:23. Was right after we finished off another team.
    Didnt't pay attention to the names of who we got at the time. Just saw my name pop up on that banner when you died and it all came back ^^

  23. jack love you and all but you are a sweat yourself

  24. You've been sweating just like every other YouTuber since this game came out Jack???

  25. I don't understand the mentality of not wanting people to sweat on games. Why would you not try to win on a competitive game, especially in ranked? Nobody's forcing you to not play for fun.

  26. I mean, you are in ranked. Why wouldn't it be sweaty?

  27. jeez jack such a risky revive at the end lol

  28. This game is still super fun. Just got back into it 🙂

  29. wow you are really showing your age at this game. you play like you are 45 lol

  30. IKR it’s so fucking hard to get a win recently, probably cause all the people that went to solos are back and they WANT BLOOD!??

  31. If your tired of sweats then you should create a new account.For the first 15 levels,your lobbies will be full of bots who can’t even aim properly,not only is it fun but it’s also an easy way to get a 20 kill badge(That’s how I got mine).

  32. if u press space bar when u hit the jump pad you will go way higher

  33. Jack you’re horrible at just saying “right there” when you see an enemy. Use the damn ping system.

  34. I love this game. The gameplay is so dynamic and fun! The player movement is so fluid and smooth. The gun play is just amazing.

  35. I try to be sweaty but I'm on console so the thing is it feels like 20 fps and after all this R6S at 60fps it's hard lmao

  36. Why would you tear if you're not going to loot them asap? Have some descency

  37. Well, they ruined this game in more than one way. Well done Respawn. I hope your bonus checks are worth it.

  38. This was pretty insane, great plays Jack.

  39. Pretty sure it was always sweaty

  40. I know it sounds obvious but i just realized that phase shift also makes the ring deal no damage.

  41. I cant get past Plat IV, i do well for three games then its back to getting shat on by a team of alternators….i can smell the sweat thru my monitor lol

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