Apex Legends Season 2 Full Reveal Presentation | EA Play E3 2019

Respawn Entertainment breaks down what we can expect for season 2 of Apex Legends during E3 2019.

Full EA Play E3 Presentation:

E3 2019 Top Trailers:


  1. best game out right now

  2. Hackers will abuse their s weapon

  3. 3 skins and a few weapon skins for a whole season? Doesn't seem like much content or worth buying the battle pass tbh. How can they not come up with more than this lol. Should be gold skins for at least half the characters and weapon skins for 4 or 5 weapons. It can't be that hard to make a few skins lmao. That is why fortnite is still on top, apex missed a huge oportunity with how lazy they have been.

  4. Cen you poot a now legon

  5. I really wish they had added 3 new Legends, that way come season 2 everyone can choose a new character.

  6. still no second map?

  7. One day we'll get a poweful male character? Wraith – female… pathfinder – gender neutral… lifeline – female… bangalore – female….

  8. You should steal game modes from overwatch

  9. I think one reason why legend skins feel a little underwhelming is that apart from your player card, you don’t really ever see your own character model unless you are downed and going to execute. Why not make an option to zoom out to 3rd person in order to perform emotes/dance or for times when You have to scale across the map with little chance for a gunfight in order to get to the first ring. Make it so that you can only run and not loot to keep this game strictly first person

  10. it's funny how it shows players using the Mozambique

  11. Get packs after lv 100 and ad gifting

  12. So many people watching this irl

  13. EA Sports Wait this ain’t no sport bring the game!!

  14. The mozambique would actually be a really good weapon if it had more bullets. It like 50 damage per shot if you hit all the bullets in the shot. And it shots really fast so it could do 150 damage if your lucky, but if it had 2 or 3 more bullets it would be pretty good!
    I hope the hopup gives it more bullets or something.

  15. 14:14
    Announcer: This is your champion:
    *Ad of a cat playing a mobile game*

  16. Once the octane and caustic skin everyone finna cop

  17. Fix the damn servers

  18. 1 New weapon are you serious

  19. solo duo?? crossplay?

  20. have they fix the bug and china hacker problem?

  21. Apex legends apex legends is litt tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt forget u fortnite

  22. The Mozambique is an African country


  24. It should be WATTDAUGHTER!

  25. Apex is such a tough ass game 👏🏻👏🏻

  26. Watson is going to destroy my main fuck

  27. Look at the scar on Wattson's cheek, adds to her character

  28. Amazing news, cant wait for season 2 <3

  29. Do you think that we will ever see normal white male in this game or we will need to wait for all other endless genders and races first?!


  31. I didn't see my homie Pathfinder

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