Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Mission 8: Achilles' Veil


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  2. Why didn’t u shoot menedez

  3. if u chose shot menedaz another ending

  4. Which clowns shot harper

  5. Thumbnail at 6:40, thank me later

  6. 2:38 when somebody actually likes COD games later on

  7. Boooo you killed Harper, fuck Farid and his punk ass

  8. i dont want to kill farid or harper 🙁

  9. menendez shoots farid
    Game:friendly fire not on
    Menendez:fuck this game

  10. 7:24 Killer Queen's third bomb "Bite za dusto"

  11. I wish if cod was on ps4

  12. Such a well written villain but I still hate him I could never choose Harper

  13. The music gives me the vibe of 2012

  14. 0:04 everyone's question when clicking on this video

  15. I remember the first time I played this mission I pressed the wrong button and shot Harper. I cried.

  16. Section dont even care about farid and dont even talk about his death menendez was right “to those you serve,your life meand nothing.


  18. I hate this decision

  19. I never understood the point about killing Harper if farid is gonna die regardless. Like on Odysseus he dies to Salazar either killing defalco or saving karma. If you shoot Menendez he still dies. What's the point.

  20. 6 years behind and we’re still not even close to that technology

  21. It’s pretty sad at 6:46 how you see Harper close his eyes and grit his teeth.

  22. Why in 2:14 is it that they have to go in without looking at the map cuz if they did they would have seen then coming instead of karma dying uselessly

  23. What is this song name when Menendez was walking through the corridor?

  24. Top films and games that Characters played by Micheal Rooker dies:
    Yondu from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
    Merle from The Walking Dead
    Harper from Black Ops 2

  25. Damn. Farid was a good man. I love, and hate how they didnt even check Farid if he was sacrificed. Menendez was right that, "Those you serve your life means nothing." It was fucked up. It flew over my head when I was younger, and I only cared about saving Harper back then. Shit….

  26. What type of computer and windows do you have Bro?

  27. I had to kill Harper I didint want the guy to die

  28. One does not simply shoot Harper in the face because Menendez told you to

  29. All of this because Woods lost his shit and killed Menedaz sister

  30. "No mature content" see a guy get shot
    Violence: i'am a joke to you!?

  31. The nostalgia is real 😂

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