Call of Duty with Bobbya1984 – Black Ops – Commentary: Havana with Miss Jackson

Take a deadly trip with Miss Jackson and the IGN beast BobbyA1984 using the AK47 on the Havana map of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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  1. Loved that super naaaaaassty knife kill at 1:47.

  2. could u put me in a shoutout

  3. nice game play and plz make alot more like it

  4. how… do you make it look so easy!? D= lol.

  5. your cheating your girlfrend whit mss jacksen i am going to tell her hahaha
    no i am kidding your the best

  6. he should call one of his guns Bella 😀

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    Enjoy ! 🙂

  8. When u knife u hav 2 time if do it at the right time thats wt I do

  9. What is your KD Bobbya ?

  10. The knifing is WAYYY off. Not as polished as before. Otherwise, people wouldn't be getting so many knife misses. Me Included.

  11. Yo are like when you shoot but you die and you watch the kill cam it doesnt even show you shot. i hate that so much

  12. can u create your own channel so everybody can sub 2 u ?

  13. Personally I think IGN is waaaaay cooler than gamespot and machinima, but that's just my opinion.

  14. i think mw3 is gonna be more popular. my oppinion dont yell at me … with ur keyboard.


  16. @haf990 thats what i though too. the same fuckin thing 😛

  17. IGN replay to a comment? ive never knew that would happen

  18. You got skills man. 31/4 KD spread, pretty sick.

  19. I understand it's all a joke, but still, that guy just PISSES ME OFF

  20. ign actually commented :O

  21. @markybthebadboymc OMG REALLY ANIMATIONS!!!! JESUS SOMEBODEY WASTE 45 POUNDS ON AN ANIMATIONS Stop hating, Get both, And shut up.

  22. Kids Commenting over COD gameplay? What is this machinima?

  23. Sorry but i gotta hate abit, is it just me or does it seems like when you shot to the side of a person you still manage to get a kill, i dont play CoD so i dont know, but do the game have a really helpful auto aim or something? Just feels like that never works in other games like Killzone, Battlefield etc, im not a hater but i just feel that is kinda wrong and way to easy on you as a player 😀
    have fun hating on me now! BoooYA!

  24. I played with Bobbya1984 yesterday….We played domination, but his party was full of assholes : /

  25. @somaliangangsterpuff

    im watching this because i subscribed to ign and i saw it plus ive played call of duty for like 4 years now but im fed up with this series and first person shooters in general although i like how the new battlefield looks

  26. i went 40 and 2 on this map…

  27. is this guys black? if not, it sounds like he is

  28. @CorssairTF2 well yeah an opinion is an opinion, and I respect that. but i'm just saying people who hate on games, just y are you unsubing from a great channel for a video it has? and no my feelings arent hurt, wat? im not a pussy like some people on youtube.

  29. AK in level 39?

  30. @lemar012197
    It's even easier on the PS3…
    Which is hilarious…
    Now fuck off fanboy

  31. We all Know its TOO EASY to win a game on Xbox 360, try coming to PlayStation 3 and doing that.

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