Fortnite Guide "Crystal Weapons VS Obsidian" Fortnite Crystal Weapon Guide

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  1. If I get a under rare weapon duplicate i will scrap it but when I have epic+ then I only keep two one for obsidian and the other for shadowshard so everyone wins

  2. U run out of energy by running? Thank goodness they changed that

  3. shawdow shards are easy to get but obsdian is harder but better

  4. I mean if you use shadow shard your using the weapon less because your killing them quicker

  5. Lets say i upgrade to obsidian..can i upgrade it to sunbeam after that or do i have to choose brightcore?

  6. Tt everything I needed to know

  7. I think to go explosives:shadowshard
    other guns:obsidian

  8. I'm not games with not realistic guns normally you should be looking at how the weapon shoots more than its stats like if s weapon. Is a one shot but it takes like 30 seconds to shoot then thats not a good main weapon but if a weapon is a 3 shot but its also a 3 shot burst then that's probably a better weapon

  9. Shadow shard or obsidian on legendary siege?

  10. To scar which should i use?

  11. Should i get my Nocturno to shadowshard?

  12. Please add me alpha1wolffie

  13. I can’t even find malachite

  14. Why not make both if you have duplicates 🙂

  15. How do you get shadow shard

  16. Guys if you need help with this use this
    Every other class should be OBSIDIAN unless used for mist monsters

  17. Why is he talking about 106 weapons when he has silver weapons

  18. Thanks im just now getting into malachite (have 2 malachite craft able guns) idk why I'm watching this right now but I want to know ahead of time lol

  19. They should make a weapon type for longer durability and slightly less damage than obsidian

  20. Shadowahard or obsidian on a room sweeper

  21. Why don't we just do both lol

  22. I have a grave digger schematic what should I choose

  23. Can someone give me some malcite

  24. So which one should I make my nocturno? I'm pretty good on mats and I just want the best possible rout for a nocturno.

  25. Got brightcore(5 star obi.) Nocturno… Worth it.

  26. Any help me on plankerton xb1
    Gt: GoTrinitys

  27. Shadow shard ftw on everything! 😀

  28. Ok so I’m in a bit of a bind here… I use constructor and I use my founder’s deconstructor pretty much in every situation possible. Even when fighting mist monsters I use that shotgun. I pretty much always have the materials to craft the gun since it’s the only one I use and I have a question… is shadowshards or obsidian rarer? I could farm for the materials anyways and I am thinking of going the shadowshard route.

  29. perfect, i can get shadowshard hydra and obsidian equalizer

  30. Great video. I can clearly see you like the game, and your video is extraordinarily great.

  31. Wtf is this my fortnite is don't like this I'm on Xbox

  32. I already farm shadowshard crystals a lot 😂

  33. So what does the impact stat even mean? The overall DPS?

  34. bit late but I'm on xb1 can any one help I have no friends rip I'm on plankerton my energy level is 34 gt:mind sway

  35. So obsidian vs shadowshard? No idea what crystal is but words are meaningless right.

  36. Shadow crystal on the super shredder. Obsidian on the assault weapons I use to mow down trash mobs

  37. Please explain where to locate these ore!!

  38. you should copy this numbers in the description

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