How to get a LVL 130 Weapon *FAST* | Fortnite Save The World

How to get a LVL 130 Weapon *FAST* | Fortnite Save The World


Hello guys, in today’s video i will be showing you how to get a level 130 weapon FAST! I hope you guys can take tips from this and maybe get a lvl 130 weapon yourself.

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  1. I’m loving all the hard work you are doing for Youtube. I mean with you doing YouTube and you have another job it is amazing to know you won’t let us down. Keep up the grind!

  2. How do you find people who actually want to trade instead of scammers

  3. I’ve been scammed for 23 130s my username is Olu2019

  4. Add me i play on xbox to mate

  5. Can you add SurvivalMarley1 I play save the world and I don’t have many wepons

  6. The second kid sounded like your voice was echoing

  7. I don't get it. How do you level up after 10?

  8. i got scammed for my inv

  9. I just got scammed lol and yesterday i got scammed for my whole inventory lol

  10. I always get scammed

  11. Can someone give me guns

  12. I got scammed for my 130 snowball launcher

  13. I love your video’s. Also I just got scammed today he took my best weapons they were both 130s I don’t have anything good anymore my gamer tag is Pufferfish453_ I play on ps4 (I don’t have instagram and etc) 😢😢😢😢

  14. I lost 2 130 nocturno’s my epic games name is Inxc-tionツ

  15. I got 5 130s my first day

  16. also how do you add elements to your weapon please respond

  17. how do you get the hover board can you please respond

  18. Miquel I got scammed and I was upset because they were my only good guns

  19. I subbed turned notifications on and liked plz help me

  20. Can u help me I’m trying to craft good guns in save the world

  21. The 106 siege was legacy

  22. Does anyone else notice it says “12 months ago”?

  23. The 34 hydra is a legacy crit chance

  24. Did he even know that the seihg breaker was a legacy

  25. I got stem on fortnite Save the road

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