New Apex Legends Update Notes and Solo Gameplay! RE-45 BUFF, Bloodhound Buff, New Map and Skins!

Apex Legends New Update Notes Overview, with First Impressions Solo Gameplay recorded today! This video breaks down the latest Buffs, Nerfs and map changes to the game, and shows gameplay of the new solos mode and what Legends are BEST! This patch adds solos, Octane Town Takeover (with insane Jump pads and a ring of fire) as well as some Legend Balance and Weapon Balance that could see you start to shift your style BIG TIME! Hit me with a comment below! Make sure to watch until the end!…


  1. Going to hit the gym, then will be back streaming today on – come say hi, use your prime sub, donate a million dollars…you know, normal stuff.

  2. Mirage town take over

  3. Why did they remove solos

  4. I’m a Gibraltar main.

  5. They should keep solo

  6. Bru am I the only one that keeps lagging out in solos

  7. It'd be cool to have character themes throughout the map. One update has health stations in buildings, another has A-walls on the field, and another might have gas chambers with high tier loot (probably a bad idea lol)

  8. I feel lile pathfinder is more recon

  9. Sounds like they still need to fix pathfinder. His hit box is still way to much of an advantage

  10. You should stream on Mixer… js

  11. apparently all of Pathfinder's skins have been slimmed down to fit the hitbox (wasn't mentioned anywhere) 👀😂

  12. I have broken two controllers and a monitor since solos released

  13. But mirage’s passive is so horrible 😭

  14. I keep dying in Solos, anyone wanna team up?

  15. At 4:22 who else was going ‘THE HELMET!’

  16. Everyone is teaming up in solo they are ruining the game

  17. If you’re talking endgame, Gibraltar and Mirage are OP. Gibraltar’s ultimate for final zones. His passive makes him very difficult to beat in a 1v1 as well. Mirage’s ultimate for getting into final zone without being seen is super clutch. And Pathfinder is always a safe bet as well, instant high ground

  18. U forgot top review the shop and outages amount of money you have to pay for the crown event.

  19. Duos much better thing.

  20. Played one game of solo got 4 kills I think I like it lmao

  21. SO am I the only one dcing like every 3 or 4 couple games
    since the update.

  22. Apex let's add in loot ticks that cost 7$ USD EA: EAsy mate.
    As someone who has spent over 250$ for the wraith heirloom I'm Soo mad. 203$ for all the packs (non grinding). Tbh not sure how to feel about this. I just wanted the Pathfinder cosmetic :/ and I play on PS4 and PC so that's twice…

  23. I 100% agree that pathfinder is great for solos. Won 3/5 with him in solos lol. He’s a god

  24. You shit that's why you ain't won

  25. This update is such trash it takes 5-10 mins to get into a match and 8 out of ten times I get code net or a teamate does. And if that doesn't happen its code leaf time boi. Just happened to me twice in a row. They're just throwing stuff at us rather than fixing issues

  26. why do you gotta put yourself making a corny ass exaggerated face on every thumbnail? lmao corny Youtubers, i swear.

  27. When Apex drops an update
    Apex community: wow! Amazing! I love the character themed pois!

    When fortnite drops an update


  28. I'm loving the solo mode, as for the packs I just dont care about them. If you dont like it dont buy it that's the best way to get them to realise it is stupid. But dont forget you are playing a free game. Good luck on getting wins everybody!

  29. Please follow me on twitch. xX_m3rk_mod3_xx. I make solo look easy. Predator ranked gameplay too

  30. I feel wattson is a support player and caustic is offensive player

  31. I've only played 4 games in solo (Got this thing called work and Master's classes) but I placed 2nd my first two games and won my next two. I LOVE this game mode!! They'd better keep it!!!!!!

  32. love you raynday i have your voice pack From paladins the game

  33. I really hope they change their mind and keep solos in the game.

  34. YESSS WE NEED MORE SOLOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Raynday: R301 was kinda forgotten
    R301: Am I a joke to you?

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