*NEW* Battle Royale Game! Overwatch + Titanfall = Apex Legends

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  1. Maybe this will be one BR game I'm not total trash at…maaaaaaybe

  2. Then Fortnite stole two features from apex

  3. the person that dose the blood hound voice is a girl

  4. You Named Yourself "TickleScrotum"?!

  5. The person who voiced bloodhound is a girl

  6. I know you hate it, but can you play more apex?

  7. press 4 to use syringe
    Beasty: continues to open inventory and use one

  8. Beasty this is not your game I play ps4 and I got 24 kills

  9. Anyone else triggered when he missed the shield batteries and the legendary….BRUH

  10. You should play more your reactions are funny

  11. It’s funny cus Beasty said he needed heals but had a lot of shields that were never used😂

  12. this is disqusting after playing this game for months

  13. 23:36 anybody else triggerd beacause we couldnt see the golden weapon?😂

  14. Did beauty leave a whole med kit

  15. Use your shield beastly to heal

  16. I think Bloodhound is German don’t quote me😂


  18. i think u should play titanfall 2 next

  19. You already played games like how the heck you have level 4

  20. It is the peace keeper that have a choke on it

  21. Because they made they made this instead of titan fall 3

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