The NEW Harry Potter Pokemon GO!?

We played Harry Potter Wizard’s Unite by the creators of Pokémon Go to see if it’s as good!

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  1. Yo dude did you go to uni or tafe

  2. 3 days later:
    Minecraft GO

  3. Very Nice content. Keep it up and gotta catch them all

  4. You guys are so cooked its not funny….ahahaha but "accio Hermione from the first movie" had me in snitch'z

  5. Played the game and all I got was chlamydia

  6. He wants to summon Hermione from the first movie but is worried about freeing pedos…

  7. Preg nosess haha 😂 use it wisely

  8. Got to catch them all

  9. Boyz there's a fuckin zubat ova here (The New way priests attract boys).

  10. this looks worse then the last Harry Potter app where you had to pay real money every 5 minutes to keep playing

  11. Better be an actual Pokémon go video coming

  12. Tom being a pedo plus the priest outfit really earnt my respect.

  13. This would have been a lot better with a couple shoeys and a lot more intoxication

  14. Do you know what priest do and so does Tom
    Cum on your face before your 13

  15. Accio Hermione
    Accio Hermione from the first film


  16. ABC NEWS HEADLINE: There have been unconfirmed sightings of a crackhead, a pedo, and a special needs kid passing the streets of Melbourne.

  17. Add me on Pokemon go 2957 0630 6541

  18. You did not just say Trace On, this man was more cultured than i thought

  19. you're funnier than id like to admit

  20. I’m going to be honest, I did not wake up this morning expecting to watch that

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