Top 10 FREE Games Like Call of Duty on Android & iOS

Showing you the best free Android games and iOS games like Call of Duty, drop a like and enjoy!

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#10- Modern Combat Versus (Free)

#9- Maskgun (Free)

#8- Crisis Action (Free)

#7- Modern Combat 5 (Free)

#6- Modern Strike Online (Free)

#5- Unkilled…


  1. Omg crisis action…
    Haven't seen that in a while, is it dead now?

  2. What's the game in the thumbnail?

  3. Is there a zombies game mode?

  4. Cod mobile is released so no more problems. now only one problem is csgo mobile on play store

  5. Its cod mobile who took up my storage

  6. This video just a List of 15 random good and suck fps games for mobile

  7. And now we have call of duty mobile ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Some games for you to test.
    Call of Duty Mobile (Android Beta)
    Stand off 2 (Basically CS:GO for mobile
    Assoluto Racing (Similar to Asseto Corsa)
    Asphalt 9
    Car X Drift Racing 2
    Pubg Mobile

  9. Morden combat 5 is very good game for android

  10. Where is world war heroes

  11. Critical ops is more like a Csgo rip off and not a cod ripoff

  12. Skip these games because call of duty is officially coming out. But this will help its coming out on mobile

  13. Modern Combat 5 is the most similar game to the pc version. Perhaps the new CoD mobile by Tencent would be even better, I heard that it is more like PUBG than the actual CoD.

  14. If you want a mobile game.. Identical to cod… Its World War heroes 2.

  15. Maskgun is basically not even close to cod

  16. I like how you put the image of BO4 and besides it, the title says "free games like CoD". Amazing

    The video is awesome btw 😁

  17. I LIKE YOUR INTRO!!!!!

  18. Standoff 2 modern combat 5 brothers in arms 3

  19. Where’s call of duty legends of war?

  20. Tactical Sqaud Action is just a poor version of Critical Ops

  21. Standoff 2 is a really good csgo mobile game

  22. Mcvs literally just ads particles and lighting to get the effect making the graphics look good

  23. Legends of war like black ops standoff2 like csgo

  24. Pepe sad no cops players

  25. Hell yeah bullet force

  26. Could you be more specific with the story campaigns?

  27. Mcvs is bo3 but whatever.

  28. I like modern combat 5, modern strike and c ops

  29. this list is wrong in so many ways

  30. Bullet Force feels more like a Battlefield game than a Call of Duty game

  31. How about shadow gun legends close enough

  32. number 10 is the real deal

  33. I play call of duty it’s so fun

  34. Yeah bullet force really is the only one here thats like cod

  35. You forget the infinity ops


  37. Nah stand off 2 is better

  38. The title says like cod but why is there no cod they released games for android 😀 bo1 zombies and strike team

  39. Thumbnail is black ops 3

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