ZOMBIE BUS (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies)

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  1. Damn.. this video takes me far back. Right after I finished watching this video 7 years ago, I begged my parents for an Xbox 360 and Black Ops 2. That Christmas I got both and I had a fucking blast and I even saved up to get the season pass. Good fucking times they need to remake both black ops 1 and 2 ASAP!

  2. I came here because I saw this in my childhood

  3. Did anyone else watch this when it just came out and u was a kid I was younger than 10 and I secretly watched this cuz I wasn't supposed to watch CUSSING

    Me now: Watchs him 24/7

  4. It’s almost 2020…

    7 years have gone by…

    How time flies 😭😭

  5. * cries in nostalgia *

  6. I did no see u in like 5 years

  7. i remember watching this guy when i was 6

  8. I saw this in 2014 and now I’m happy I’m watching it

  9. 2:53 this part and the bus leaving them had to be the funniest moments ever in gaming history 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Dang, I remember this from when tranzit first came out. I miss those times

  11. “Oh the bus is here! The bus is here, i wanna go on the bus!” I never thought that these 2 sentences would be that nostalgic.

  12. I miss this so much

  13. This was my first Seananners video

  14. 14:48 the reason why Chilled got “pushed” out was because if you knife the bus driver enough you get thrown off the bus and the doors lock. 😂

  15. These videos were the stuff the memories are insane

  16. Who else is watching this because they are hyped for CodM Zombies?!

  17. The bus is here
    The words I remember

  18. They need to make more vids I watched this so long ago I miss this

  19. Btw this was my very first YouTube video I watched

  20. The first Seannaners video I saw back in 2013. The memories

  21. Who else thinks that the robot is sketchy?

  22. Bo1 and bo2 was the best cods ever

  23. Anyone remeber playing bo2 zombies on a saturday night with your cousins.

  24. Someone wanna play bo2 with me?

  25. Seanananners your channel was my childhood the funny gags and the games I can’t thank you enough

  26. I think i survive wave 26 solo not my best i turn the power find the bears and it was fun thunderdog attack me i needed help i have died

  27. 2019 and its funny AF lol

  28. My childhood… 😍

  29. I miss you, my sweet prince

  30. Even in 2019, this video is still so funny and great

  31. I remember this guy when I was like 8 duuuuuude.

  32. I was only 10 or 9 when this came out I loved watching this

  33. So many memories 😓

  34. Yo I remember watching this when I was like 8 💀the

  35. I remember watching this in the hospital when my little brother was born

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