Apex Legends on an INSANE $12,000 Gaming PC

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Apex Legends is the hot game. Here’s an insane PC gaming setup that can make the most of Apex Legends. Can Apex Legends officially dethrone Fortnite?

Thanks to Digital Storm, NVIDIA and Fnatic!

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  1. Apex Legends or Fortnite?

  2. that's a great PC but I think it's for narcos 😁 i don't even think to buy it πŸ˜”

  3. Why does all these tech you tubers suck at games

  4. still i prefer gaming laptop because you can move it around and is not 12 000
    1500 is enough for an amazing gaming experience

  5. How well will it run Crysis 3?

  6. I really like that machine but 12k dollars? No way JosΓ©

  7. Imagine buying a 12000 pc to just play apex legends lol

  8. Me having an old pc and playng like a monster him buyng a 12000 pc and he is not able to aim life is fair

  9. Half the price was the box

  10. Can it run though???

  11. holy moly…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. The only thing lagging here is my phone

  13. perfect to play minecraft id say

  14. Can't believe just 7 month ago this channel was so … interest like cherry on top like the top 1% like the best of the best when it comes to tech un boxing but now look at where the channel is …?? Low on new content.. very late unboxing .. of everything nothing.. latest or greatest … I don't know what to say I'm a big fan of this channel like for real… I was subscribe to this channel when it had like 4 or 5M sub.. but now lew is too buys doing pod cast and promoting the other lew later channels.. I don't know… I feel this channel is loosening it hope… please if anyone reading this bring back the latest and the greatest lew and un boxing back..

  15. Chrome* finally a legal opponent. Our battle will be legendary

  16. I wish I can have this machine πŸ’”

  17. 5:10 that’s how you break your dog legs

  18. il give ya $20 for it

  19. can someone tell me the name of the speaker?

  20. Intel 9980xe?!?!?!!??!??!! THAT CPU IS $2K ALONE

  21. it's fucking overpriced you can built it for max 5k

  22. Speaker looks like pathfinders head from the white skin.

  23. Gets $12000 PC But, the game is still laggy af.

  24. 1tb nvme & only a 6tb storage drive in a $12,000. computer? That's a bad dream-lol

  25. Builds a $12,000 gaming PC but sits on a $30 chair

  26. they just dropped it by 90 percent of its price and still has its sick components unchanged

  27. I’m running fortnite and my character is a block I open YouTube and get smacked with a 12000 dollar pc vid

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