Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Campaign: Time And Fate David Mason & Mike Harper Boxing Cutscene Wii U

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  1. mike Harper hits harder than David mason

  2. I think he got flashes just like me known about his father was dead he is still alive or dearth he will beat the mendaiz Raul he killed his father and not his face of that demon is in hem that's why he killed his father

  3. The Mason is a history to Black Ops.

  4. david mason of course wins he's a bad ass just like his father

  5. Yep and I played it! Oh and no DLC for the Wii U version so don't buy it.

  6. Wait just a minute bo2 is on wii u

  7. So the boss is back in town XD

  8. Salazar gets fucked up by harper

  9. ese harper es todo un loquillo!

  10. Mike Harper's a badass!

  11. 0:20 looks retarded

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