1. black ops Vietnam mission single or or a few games fighter for the evil side

  2. Just watched for the nostalgia that all

  3. Almost 10 years old now…….

  4. America lost so they have to make a game which they won =)))

  5. The mission is played in January of 1968, but Fortunate son came out in december of 1969.

  6. i love how the mission actually played fortunate son lol

  7. My favourite Black Ops mission

  8. This game was the fucking pinnacle of COD. It was absolutely incredible.

  9. Only OGs would remember

  10. 10:15
    Barrel: don’t mind if I Ascend

  11. Buying a ps3 just to relive the experience

  12. Poor that dude who was running in front of the jeep… R.I.P – 1:41

  13. BO1 Hudson > BO2 Hudson

  14. 2:12 "want me to help you with that?"

  15. Coming back in 2019 after hearing that BO5 wil have a cold war in Asia from Vietnam to Korea😭😭😭. Oh and btw in my opinion as a Vietnamese, this is just a game no need to be really serious,like GTA V and MW2 we even have to shoot Police and Civilians to complete the mission, so i know war is hard and bad and totally a sh*t thing if it happens somewhere, but this is just a game you don't have to play it if you hate shooting people, but btw really feel guilty when i played this game too😆😆😆

  16. the mission and the TROPAS theme is very fucking amazing , orgasmic 👌😏

  17. Welcome to jungle and listen all music of war of Vietnam 1960's

  18. Baddest ass start to a mission in the entire call of duty franchise.

  19. "Looks don't count for shit in the jungle. This is 'nam, baby."
    – Frank

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