1. Like and sub and use code “Moodeh” if ur a real one.

  2. Is ur look sensetivity actually 35 ?

  3. Ich mache mobile Turniere, wer mitmachen will kann sich gerne melden

  4. Do u use that new settings edit on release

  5. What are all ur settings

  6. How’d u make ur intro? Nice vid btw.

  7. Can u give me shout out youtube is XD_SUFY PLS


  9. As player in fortnite

  10. Gosh these Fortnite addicts

  11. Want 1v1 I’m pc player

  12. Plz do a show your hud and sensibility

  13. good played 💪💪. can you add me : haziri elvir14 my name in fortnite

  14. What video editing app do u use?

  15. I love you ❤️ 1v1 balle

  16. love these cash cup an arena clips🙏🤯🔥

  17. when you gonna shot out the team Moodeh

  18. Just why on mobile tho?? If you pratice on pc, you can get more famous then playing on mobile

  19. moodeh is running out if titles help him

  20. Are u gonna 1v1 faze swan

  21. That shadow ops skin sucks balls

  22. What’s ur current sensitivity and do u use the new touch acceleration?

  23. 1:35 yo thats me getting minigun sprayed

  24. How do i compete with you on 70 to 90 ping

  25. Do you know the funny part all most nobody he that he was playing against in that turny knew he was on mobile what a legend

  26. Does Moodeh play with confirm with release??

  27. Kung pinoy ka pin mo to

  28. music kinda sucks but ur clips are 🔥

  29. Nice bruv were happy that your our content creator♥️

  30. Fantastic! OnlY MOBILE LIKE THIS 👇 (i'm good mobile player)

  31. Can you show us your new settings

  32. Damn moodeh is goated 😳

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