What’s up guys, back with another hilarious hacker trolling video for you today on black ops 3! In todays video we have our buddy Troll Munchies whos making a comeback on the trolling scene. Lets try and smash 15,000 likes! Subscribe & join the road to 3Mil ━►

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  1. Real clever trying to bully a woman

  2. I swear that she is on her period

  3. How many divorces have you caused


  5. That is so offensive I am 10 she is so rude

  6. "Shut your mouth when you're talking to me"…really? How do you want her to talk to you, smart guy, through telepathy?

  7. bro the one with the trolling hackers wife that was funny.

  8. that lady got so pissed so fast, that #Troll_Munchies didn't even get to say what was needed! and if she didn't give a "shit" about her husband, why did she marry him then!

  9. If they weren't having problem and I was a troll, could've ruin someone's marriage. Let's hope this wasn't a case

  10. Why did she call her own husband "a WORTHLESS peice of SHIT" 😐

  11. Omg we need more of these type of videos

  12. ok dude that was decent! big like to you and your boss trollston!!!LOL she hates her hubby.. good stuff will def check out some more of your vids

  13. my nigga this was gold😂😂

  14. lol at the end of this vedio

  15. dont know what happened there but all i know is that the lady is a piece of shit

  16. Fav part was when he told her about him breathing heavy she said whats he doing jacking off to the game lmfao

  17. Am I the only one that's wondering how In Hell how he got the numbers of these people

  18. this girl is the basterd

  19. you can just go fuck yourself mam

  20. ok ok lets get this straight. you 'married' this old piece of shit. that you loved for how long? you can easily leave the house and find someone else. Nobody is forcing you to stay with him. (most) women,not all but most are so complicated

  21. Wow this is the best one ever

  22. at the end you can go fuck yourself lol

  23. It was at this moment at 6:14 bcc knew when he told that woman to shut her mouth he knew he fucked up

  24. Her husband watches this like honey you fucked up I fear what.u said about me on Xbox how dare u

  25. you are awesome dude 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. i don't understand I thought recording calls was illegal

  27. i will go to the womens house and bitch slap her

  28. dude she HATES HER HUSBAND

  29. she said he was lazy i'm dying 😂

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