How to get a CUSTOM CROSSHAIR in Apex Legends! (Tips&Tricks)

in this video today, I`m talking about how you can get a custom crosshair in Apex. I wanted a green crosshair the whole time but the game didn’t provide me with the settings.
Link to Custom Desktop Logo:
Link to my crosshair:
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  1. Do you think that this should be forbidden?

  2. Who use it for a while will u get banned

  3. it is moving.. can you help?

  4. Did you get banned?

  5. Great work. Thanks!

  6. it says this file is harmfull what now

  7. how do i get rid of the idm

  8. The normal crossair is so small i cant see it

  9. just mark a DOT with marker on your monitor at the center that's it now play any FPS without getting banned..LOL

  10. LMAO. China guy. a bit stupid version. This is how they cheat Apex.

  11. I just ran into one of you cheaters fucks meanwhile playing on Xbox one we going to banned this son in reporting this to apex legend corporate

  12. Can i custom crosshair on ps4 ?

  13. Thanks for useful tutorial.

  14. Borderless mode gives bad fps

  15. im having 2 cross hairs on my screen , is it cause i have duel monitors ?

  16. Or you can buy a 144hz ASUS monitor and it has an option l where you could put crosshairs

  17. window mode is bad for fps .

  18. When I run Apex in borderless window, my mouse curser keeps flashing on and off the centre of my screen when I move the mouse, any idea how to fix this?

  19. thank you sooooooooo much! now I have the fortnite crossair in apex legends! totaly worth it! <3

  20. Where can I get ur crosshair bro ?

  21. You deserve more subs my guy! There is no way you only have 800, you make beast tutorials, wish you best of luck in your youtube career

  22. Just because u have a custom crosshair does not mean the bullets will be in the crosshairs radius,its practically useless as it isnt a laser sight but is simply a crosshair is side of another crosshair….

  23. is this bannable bro

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