I found a HACKER with *UNRELEASED* Fortnite skins…

Fortnite: Battle Royale – A HACKER shows me unreleased skins! :O
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  1. To see all of this in person was CRAZY…!

  2. who's watching this when it's all released

  3. PSN and Fortnite username = Ender_Maniac24

  4. Who says there are no shortcuts in life

  5. 6:35 that's what we call a bot in chapter 2 season 1

  6. 19:11 blackbing 🤣
    Edit: it’s backbling

  7. can you gift me the ikonic epic name is mystickingco

  8. season 1 chapter 2 anyone? btw who else has most of these now

  9. I got 14 kills and got a win

  10. I really like it this video

  11. Someone had a Mike I heard the raterling


  13. Who’s still watching in 2019 ?

  14. he is a modder not a hacker

  15. I've never had a victory royals my account name is thandombalimo384

  16. I won 31 duos in chapter 1

  17. Why is this version of intensity’s music better than the music we got

  18. Season chapter 2 anyone??

  19. I’ve dropped 1 20 bomb

  20. Alia do you have his name

  21. fortnite chapter 2 any1?

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