Apex Legends: Hacker-Based Matchmaking & Other Anti-Cheat Measures From Respawn



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  1. Lol just make the hackers do 0 damage with anything and free kills

  2. I literally had to stop playing Apex Because I swear every other game I run into a hacker some guy has boosted there stats

  3. What's up with the pausing while you were talking? You're normally know for talking really fast without making no mistakes lol.

  4. tHey JUst HaVe A GOod GamInG cHaiR ShWANtz.

  5. The worst case with this shit is that XXiF guy from Fortnite. Dude cheated in WC and got a 2 WEEK BAN, like the fuck?

  6. Personally I think Apex is shit, but I am biased because I don't like BRs. If you cheat you're shit, I do troll but I don't result to cheat to troll.

  7. If you have to cheat or hack to win that speaks volumes about how trash you are as a player.

  8. It is sad that there's actual people defending cheating, even hacking no less.

  9. Make suspicious accounts do 0 damage with anything?

  10. cumpdumpsters😅

  11. Hardware bans and killing the source of these hacks is the best course of action in my opinion. I play on Xbox, just to make this upcoming question easier to understand. Can there be hackers on Xbox and PlayStation?

  12. Easy way: EA requires everyone who plays to sign up for an EA account, so if you're caught cheating your account password gets stealth changed.

    Extreme Way: IP Ban, and the user's Hardware and Payment method are tagged

  13. Sounds like you ran out of breath in some spot of the video

  14. I don't have any friends on my console just cuse im a prick 2 eveyone. But most of my irl friends aren't gamers soon I'm out 2 just cuse gaming is dying slowly

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