Apex Legends Hacker CAUGHT on Candid Camera by DrDisrespect

Smile. You’re on Candid Camera.

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► Pylot – A Race Against Time
[Monstercat Release]
► Mitch Murder – Communication Device
► Meteor – Hunter of Lost Souls



  1. 8:30 What music is that?

  2. To be fair you do have a pretty great editor

  3. Not wearing any pants….

  4. Finally 1 million subscribers on his way

  5. When shroud makes an alt account.

  6. I dont think anyone even comes close to being as entertaining as the DR! I'm 36 years old and I still laugh at the guy! eeekk

  7. "Imagine losing" hahaha i love this

  8. Scored a sub for that terrible frosted flakes cover lmfao

  9. SUCH AN ENTERTAINER !! hands down just so funny to watch him …

  10. At 7:05 we can see the spirit of Jim Carrey actually enter Doc’s body

  11. People that Que with hackers should be perma banned with the hacker. You cant change my mind.

  12. did he spit on himself? eww…

  13. Doc – has hot wife

    Also doc – bangs other women

  14. Just cause you died dosnt mean they hack lmao sorry your a sucker

  15. "…i don't even know how to med myself yet…" hahaha

  16. I mean I paid $900 for my 2080 Trio

  17. Isn't the song used to do this montage Cohh Carnage's intro song?

  18. You are so old but its aesome

  19. come to australia doc we get jibbed that card is $2400 here 🙁 cant afford anything these days over here lol

  20. a red ribon like the car kit in night rider would suit you on the glasses.. think about it

  21. Pylot puts me on a otherworldy neon psycho retro hype

  22. I dont get why every streamer has to show the hackers they meet… feels like its a new experience for them.
    Don't give them attention, just play the game. And then the "fake surprisedness".

  23. I'm sure you caught the same hacker that I recorded on my stream.

  24. He kill me wit the pathfinder voice 😂😂😂😂

  25. almost every game i play has a hacker… havent played in a week cuz im sick of it

  26. 04:0106:10 is straight fire!!!!!!! Awesome song

  27. Yeah i'm into Candid aswell mate

  28. yeah I gave up on Apex Legends too many hackers

  29. How do youfind enough time to master all these games and work at the same time when trying to start up…

  30. Same hacks as dizzy

  31. He's pretty good – Doc 2019

    Doc puts in the work tho as a content creator and editor

  32. I wonder when he is going to play in a movie.

  33. As if the cheater would give 2 fucks about the doc and his stream lmfao

  34. If you don't want to meet hackers, then play offline games

  35. let's go doc on an advertisement G fuel

  36. if u are really intersted in compilation for Apex Legend you check that out on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDODW7NjatR3SFiXsWwUbGg/videos?view_as=subscriber

  37. What are u a champion of cheating on ur wife

  38. Damn my gt is smiles thought he said me lmao

  39. There is still an INSANE amount of cheating going on in Apex

  40. On US EU servers you get may be 1 hacker in 10 games. ON Asian severs You get 10 hackers in 1 game. So this is not news

  41. Doc I have been a fan and a member of the Slick Daddy Club from the very beginning. Can you just tone it down with the spitting. Thanks man.

  42. Damn my boii NeonNational made it
    PS:he’s not a hacker

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