Apex Legends Season 3 Teaser Update! (Crypto Coming Soon!)

Thanks for watching!! Subscribe for daily Apex Legends videos! In this video I cover the New Apex Legends Season 3 Teaser that was added in game. This new apex legends season 3 teaser includes a hint about Crypto! Drop a like if you enjoyed the video!

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  1. What do you think this teaser means?

  2. You give me the battle please

  3. Nice vid love your channle

  4. If u drop on “labs” and go in the secret room where the wraith audio log is on the computer u can see crypto and his drone in the room next to it!!!! YOURE WELCOME!!!

  5. I hope this new champion fix server issues 😂

  6. When it reaches 100% ima get up out of here

  7. It's 100% in Singapore server

  8. I had attempt failed

  9. It means crypto is trying to hack the games and the hacked decryption are on the banners in many location and the announcer is restarting

  10. Anybody getting the announcer voice being strange? Like someone hacked it such as Crypto.

  11. They sent crypto to fix all the bugs in the game

  12. dude today when I was playing the female voice which says Warning the ring is closing just started saying it and stopped and a male voice said the same thing all my teammates heard that and were in awe ……………….i think that's crypto???

  13. Have y’all noticed the voice change for the announcer?? 🤔🤔

  14. Maybe crypto is trying to free the fliers in containment and those are the bad flyers in the leak

  15. It goes 100% and it makes every announcer being hacked and resetted itself

  16. Oh also in game the announcers voice starts to glitch like around round 2 of the ring

  17. Dude if you run around you’ll hear the announcers voice is fucked and there’s a whole bunch of code on the banners everywhere on the map..

  18. Anyone here after the announcer lagging

  19. Anyone notice the round two announcer is distorted now?

  20. Currently its at 100% for me at least

  21. It’s 100% rn, the announcers voice is powering down and I’ve noticed after theirs only 10 squads left the banners all shut off across the map

  22. Its shutting down the ring counter! It's at 100% today!!

  23. No one else heard when it calls round 2 begin countdown. The voice is bugged and starts repeating its self in a higher and lower pitch voice

  24. The giant screens that usually show the kill leader/champion also glitches out and the announcer voice comes on in a glitchy way saying “theres a winner” and stuff like that

  25. It's him for sure play a game and look

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