Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – All Ending Possibilities (Perfect Ending, Kill Menendez, Spare Menendez, Woods Lives, Woods Dies)

0:00 Best Possible Ending (Save Mason, save Karma, spare Menendez)
5:39 Save Mason, Karma dies, spare Menendez (my favorite ending)
12:10 Worst Ending – Mason Dies, Karma dies, kill Menendez
15:39 Save Mason, Karma dies, kill Menendez

To get the best ending, you have to get the following for the story missions:

**Pyrrhic Victory – Mason rescues Woods
**Celerium – Celerium device recovered
**Old Wounds – Kravchenko thoroughly interrogated – learned…


  1. the best ending is when mason survives

  2. Harper: if it was up to me u would be dead
    Woods: would shove a grenade in his throat

  3. Influential factors for Endings:
    -Harper (Killed by Farid in order to stay alive)
    -Chloe (Cracks the Celerium Worm and keeps Menendez captive)
    -Farid (Sacrifices himself for Chloe)
    -Strike Force Missions (Assasinates Zhao and the new SDC saves USS Obama)
    -Menendez (If he dies, anarchy will ensue)
    -Briggs (Helps in securing the Obama)

  4. If I Did Not Shoot Him In the Head Mason would never died 14:07 2012! 2019: restarting the Campaign 17:05 Atleast I was lousy How Did I not notice this Ending!

  5. Would you rather:

    Kill menendez
    Kill sheperd and

    Save ghost
    Save harper

  6. There are more endings WHERE HARPER LIVES! Why is he alive in 1 of these endings

  7. “This next ending is my favourite, woods lives”
    Menendez kills him

  8. Mason would kill Menendez if it was real life, that or cripple him

  9. My original ending was when karma went on the show and Raul smashed his own head to pieces while woods and David mourned masons death

  10. Ah so when you said "Saved Wood" you mean "Harper", well, these last names really tick me off

  11. Wow can you Guys think How happy would Mason be if he Knew that Section is a Seal Commander ?

  12. weird thing is if you save Karma, Mason but you kill Menendez Cortis dia still happens?
    I mean Karam would locked down the virus which in turn would of collapsed the worlds power and industry leading to riots. So I don't get why there will still be riots? instead there should of been riots but they were quickly taken care of due to Karma not letting the infrastructure of america go down due to the virus

  13. I killed Menendez cuz revenge and let mason and woods live best ending

  14. What about the ending where manendaz is alive woods lives mason is dead and they do that concert song thing

  15. Where is they ending when Menendez become group of avenged sevenfold?

  16. 4:02 his shit eating voice kills me every time, he sounds like the type of friend who's making fun of your dad

  17. What if Mason dies but Karma survives????

  18. I loved the freedom cod bo2 gave us and I'm glad they gave us some kind of freedom in the new MW

  19. Am I the only one that remembers one scene we’re there was a party and wood and Menendez were in a band and like basically everyone that died was at that party, no just me

  20. Wood never dies except after Raul Menendez kills him. I guess You mean Alex Mason Dies.

  21. 12:10 is actually in my opinion the best

  22. That hand jerk at 4:40 from David when Woods inadvertently nudges him is hilarious to me for some reason.

  23. Might be a little late but I didn’t have any of the endings

  24. The whole cordis die movement seems eerily similar to antifa and what they might become

  25. Alex is really dad this is fake

  26. This is Dave
    How ya doing
    This is your dad

  27. Wait I thought David was the dad

  28. 12:10 why would you pick this endind

  29. No one :


  30. Where is the rock band one I got

  31. Why washington gets attacked

  32. Why does black ops 3 and 4 happend

  33. How do you save karma?

  34. Martyr me for cordis die!

  35. 2:51 those photos are from black ops campaign but how did they get that photo of woods
    And the rocket launch that you shoot down

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