Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hackers Exposed!!! Will there be Hackers in Call of Duty Ghosts??

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hackers Exposed!!! Will there be Hackers in Call of Duty Ghosts?? This is a different gameplay here for me. In this gameplay I got into a lobby with a hacker. This hacker has been busted!! Please share this video and report him in order to help get him banned!!!

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  1. DuckOnQuack Is My Friend

  2. Prestige 12/14 on COD2 WTF??

  3. Hackers you cant't play the call of duty black ops2 you are not good hackers

  4. this is why i dont play this game anymore cause everygame you go in there is always someone like this there probably 10 

  5. Only in private matches its okay…

  6. I exposed a hacker on my channel..

  7. all you hackers need to be put to rest i mean seriously if you cant play the game correctly don't play it at all 

  8. I hate hacker they hack anyine for no time some guy hacky my player and stold all my stuff in it and I was dissiported.

  9. Oh sure there will hackers on ghost

  10. Hacking pussies all say the same thing it's fun. So basically they don't have the skill required to play and do well on there own to have fun. I mean look at this dude he can't hit shit and he's hacking because if he didn't he would do terrible. Hacking is for those that don't have any skill.

  11. you mad ? like i mod too 😛 its fun modding a dead game ………. bo2 sucks and its fun to mod 🙂 im not goin to hack ghosts untill im bored of it 😛 but just letting you no there is nothing you can do to us 🙂 Banning = Unban 😛 not hard if you have a jtag/jailbreak 🙂 like no point trying we always win 🙂 dont call me a bitch for modding …. i bought the game for me to have fun not any 1 else 🙂

  12. News for ya lads cod ghosts has already been hacked before the official release the fucking hacker cunts fuck them all

  13. I've only had that kind of hack happen to me in CoD 4 and WaW. I've never seen anything like that in MW2 on. I've seen auto aim, but never a god mode hack in the most recent game.

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