Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 PC Review: Praise From A Harsh Critic


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  1. COD 3.5 Worth $40.00 Microtransactions Hell No

  2. How do you feel about it now? has it improved a lot since then? I heard this was full of bugs and hackers..and I really would prefer the PC over PS4 ver.

  3. Really really considering to get this, gonna watch a view more of ur videos to get the feel if u really are the "harsh critic" since everyone I know has said this game is stupid. However I want to be open minded and I think your review is great. Release more content!

  4. This foo got payed 2 make this video this game sucks

  5. Haven't played or bought cod since mw3 I'll probably be getting this

  6. Good review, now let's hope the updates improve the game more

  7. The reason why people love zombies is for the easter eggs

  8. this nigga bg love cod

  9. This sound like it hurt you to say at certain points of this review lol. I wasn’t planning on getting this but I might now tbh

  10. Its a black ops 3 reskin with a unacceptable amount of reskin multiplayer maps.
    The healing system is a terrible addition.
    Server downgrade
    Op specialists.

    However Black out is way better than pubg and zombies hasnt been this good since Black ops 2.

    Mw2 and Black ops 2 remain the best multiplayers

  11. Far too close to Red Dead Redemption 2 to even consider this

  12. I agree with you on not being able to play shooters like CoD with a Controller anymore. I can't go back to HALO & CoD on Consoles.

  13. Meh, ill get it when it’s discount maybe, ain’t like I’m gona have time to play cuz I’ll be playing red dead 2

  14. the game should have been 40 buck tbh

  15. My boi Issa gamer gamer, he dogs no matter what 😂👌🏾

  16. I Disagree with them not making a single player campaign I can care less if it’s profitable or not it’s what makes a game worth 60 bucks weather everybody plays it some people play it I think it should be there But nonetheless the multiplayer is really good But adding in a $50 charge for season pass is bullshit If they had a campaign I probably would have gotten this But I am not paying 50 extra bucks for some more of the same shit, also blocking content behind a wall unless you get the season pass is bullshit, So for me I wish I would’ve waited until it was cheaper and I’m definitely not buying the DLC

  17. The only cod I ever played alot was ops 1 than again that was my third & probably final cod game. I'm still shocked how rich Activision is and somehow cod doesn't look better than bf3 on pc but nice review

  18. This whole Sony name change Debacle is outrageous how can you be in 2018 and not be able to change your game rename without losing your saved games your DLC and your trophies Sony has 2nd rate technology it's a second rate consul it just is

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