Call of Duty World at War Nazi Zombies Hacks/mods for Xbox 360

Here is a Nazi Zombies mod/hack for XBOX 360 this is a game-play video not showing how to do this but that you can do this in the un-patched version of Call of Duty 5.
For all Noobs to modding COD5 go to…


  1. 2009 😢 good ol' days!

  2. thank you for the infermashon vary much vary helpful

  3. what do you mean by bind

  4. whenever you go in god mode go threw the doors without buying them and just hang out lol

  5. Host WaW: Xbox 360 ONLY: Physics n Flex v2: GT: Sxper XVI: Infections aswell.

  6. If ur watching this in 2016 like this comment

  7. How and why not on Xbox 360?

  8. and can u dot it splitscreen ?

  9. yh how do u do it then

  10. You can use modio, its much easier. Look on my channel 😀

  11. FYI this is an old video of what could be done in COD5. If you want to still be able to do these glitches you will have to delete all your patches and then modfier your gamertag and add in bind commands in the message of the day (motd) . Or get a Jtag and do custom patches to the game.

  12. We did not need to no what a contraler is

  13. how do you mod do you type in someting

  14. amigo como eu instalo esse mod no game ? Detalhe, é para xbox 360.

  15. My gamer tag is jaxon 07

  16. my game crashed at the level breaking  point 

  17. Ur fukin link is pure bulshit

  18. I just joined a zombie lobby and all of a sudden everyone spawns with a ray gun music starts playing turns to round 1000000000 sky starts turning random colors and everyone has super jump and I leave join a multiplayer lobby hey more hacks yay

  19. NONE of the links work… -_-

  20. Where's the f4cking link to download?

  21. the link didnt work for me

  22. I did much better than this I have all mod meunu

  23. add to xbox to quikschopeNL06 far I'll give you hack for cod5

  24. No I mod on multiplayer and its 2013

  25. Multiplayer patched…XD BEST JOKE EVER

  26. Do you need Xbox live to have these mods?

  27. Download modio make an account go to download go to top then find the second cod waw mod download to computer then click it one more time put in xbox load up usb

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