Fortnite LAWSUIT vs 14-year old child!

Fortnite Lawsuit against 14-year old child for cheating! Epic Games are suing a gamer for cheating in Fortnite: Battle Royale.


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  1. You cheat, you get the heat, dont give a damn about your age, you know its wrong.

  2. Let's go fortnite. This isn't about money, it's about pricks cheating over 14 times and still not quitting. The kid should be banned from video games.

  3. They should ip ban so they cannot play in that pc or ps4

  4. Epic Games is officially autistic.

  5. Hacking in a game is not illeagal it is just a game

  6. Do you you need to release personal information of a minor.

  7. IF you're for epic games, you suck, they are ligit sueing a 14 year old kid just trying to have some fun, there are many hackers outside, why don't they sue the others, I feel like the judge was very fair to dismiss any case for the 14 years old, and I personally feel like Epic games should just fuck off due to the fact that the TOS, can be sign without parents agreeing and most people doesn't even look at it because it just dumb

  8. The brat and his entitled mom need a slap down and EPIC is going to give it to them. And there is nothing gray about it. Regardless of age he is causing harm to the other players and lost revenues to EPIC.  Also parents have always been responsible for the actions of their kids and there is no better incentive for them to correct their kids behavior and their lack of guidance then emptying the parents wallet. Actions have consequences.

  9. Parents should monitor their children if not the parents must pay the consequences because they are the guardians children need discipline and stability and love and without that you're going to have a problem child and thats all on the parents

  10. The kid is the blame maybe the parents need take away his systems and fortnite can get the laws involve and put him in juvenile he is a bad example for other players! Good job epic games keep up the good work!

  11. Sue the little bastard!

  12. I think that the parents need to pay up to fortnite to teach the kid a lesson so I think the kid need to bann him from fortnite for life

  13. This was a stupid fuckening.

  14. When you try to hit that 10 minute mark on YouTube

  15. Im Quitting fortnite now Because Epic games Cant Just do Shit Like that y know

  16. Well the parents should have put a stop to this buy taking away his computer the first time. What she did was defend him. Thats why they are the one getting sued

  17. Epic games should put a Lawsuit on roblox for 1. Copying fortnite because 1. Roblox has emotes in the same way fortnite does fortnite games on Roblox? And epic games ALLOWS. That wouldn’t be surprised if Minecraft put a lawsuit on them to



  20. by the way fortnite has stolen so many things like the band of the bold from marlon web and changed the name best mates witch is from something else that stole marlon webb so fuck off epic screw off

  21. You know they could've banned the kid instead of a FUCKING LAWSUIT. Jesus even Fallout 76 has a better way to handle cheaters Edit: Wow okay I did not realize how much of a cunt that kid was but that was also uncalled for still

  22. why zachary neagle in the miniature?

  23. Fortnite sues kid
    Kid feels bad

    People who are the actual owner of the emotes sues fortnite
    Fortnite ignores

  24. Epic hired a hitman and killed him.

  25. New kid getting sued name is CBV

  26. Epic game is right cause look that kid got banned dozens of time then he should’ve stop

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