Fortnite Mobile VS PUBG Mobile – Which One is Better?

Fortnite Mobile vs PUBG Mobile battle is on, which one is better on Android and iOS? Join me as I dissect both games and give you the pros and cons of each one, drop a like and enjoy!

Fortnite Mobile 5 Things You Need To Know!

PUBG Mobile 5 Things You Need To Know!

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  1. I dont know who your dojng this for but everything you just said would make everyone go to pubg mobile… Who needs aim assist? Why do you need aim assist it just does it for you.. The better game is pubg mobile only because it is pure skill to really actualy win… But if your looking for a game with worse graphics. Very buggy controls and support that is absolute shit then go to fortnite… But to be honest you dont what your talking about when it comes to being the more enjoyable game… It all depends if ya want skill based(pubg mobile) or sissy based(fortnite)… Only my oppinion but hey everyone is different… And by the way HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT FORTNITE HAS BETTER GRAPHICS!!! HAVE YOU NOT SEEN PUBG ON ITS FULL GRAPHICS. YOUR INSANE!!!

  2. OMG!! This guy did not research, PUBG mobile has aim assist…

  3. The only thing that sucks in pubg that they enter boot in it

  4. Pubg have a more realistic graphics than fortnite and at least pubg have cars

  5. Pubg have a auto pick up and auto aim

  6. I got bored with pubg most of time I end up 1st so many noobs hope fortnite will me more challenging for me

  7. PUBG seems to have nearly the same controls like the other battle royale games Ive played also I got fortnite on my ps4 and I have an android

  8. Pubg and fortnite are completely different games…

  9. If anyone's bored my PUBG username is notasbadasjack

  10. Game engine PUBG:Unreal Engine 4 created By epicgames
    Game engine Fortnite:unreal engine 4 by epic games

    No prob guys the Owner of the engine Is epicgames so PUBG dev dont be mad bcause they use Epic games Engine

  11. Pubg sucks Fortnite is awesome

  12. is pubg offline???

  13. Bro u said fortnight mobile has better controls are u kidding me ….

  14. You should probably pin a message about the “Auto pick up and aim assist mistake” lol cause every comment is basically about that

  15. Dude u made mistake pugb u can play with pc…. i play with my brother from mobile and pc

  16. U r wrong ,,, Pubg was out first ND it has aim assist that u can enable it on settings ND it picks up items that u need automatically too

  17. Im a Android guy so I'll stick with pubg and yeah the controls are kinda hard but once you play about 10-20 matches you'll get the hang of it

  18. Pubg is just for the pro's

  19. PUBG doesn't have micro-transactions.

  20. PUBG Mobile came first

  21. Fortnite is for rookies and kids, while pubg is for real men who knows you can't win a battle in real life by building walls and shit

  22. pubg is way better in controlls wtf are you talking about and also pubg has aim assist which is good because we don't need a fucking autoaim like you noobs!

  23. Crossplay between mobile and pc player is unfair and schouldnt be a focus for pubg

  24. Let's combine contents from both games and let's make a Perfect Battle Royale Game!

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