Pokemon Go Official Download | How to Side load Android Apk

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Pokemon Go is finally officially out! Right now it is out in Australia and New Zealand, so you have to basically spoof your location to get it to work. I am betting that it will be available for everyone else at midnight in the play store. But to hold you over, here are links to start now.
▶▶Pokemon Go Vlog #3 (Beating my first gym and hatching an egg):…


  1. is it compatible with android 4.4.4?

  2. Hey, I used this APK to play Pokemon Go on my 4.4.2 Android. But now after the update the game is forcing me to update and sends me to the Play Store, but to update it from the play store, my device isn't compatible. So is the APK going to be updated to the newest Pokemon Go version?

  3. people who play this stupid games shows that they have a severe depresion due to lonely is so sad to see people playing this my good

  4. How i can dowload it on trend plus cmon please sommebody HELP!!

  5. What the heck is APK??

  6. if this doesn't work and gives me a virus I swear to god

  7. if I download this can I still play with real people who have the real game

  8. I have a Galaxy s3 version 4.4.2 and I can not download it. It says my device is incompatible.

  9. ITS error iTS sys pars error an i got sonyericson i got no Security

  10. Thank you very much jeremy

  11. im getting realy angry here i WANT POKEMON GO WHEN IS IT COMMING TO SOUTH AMERICA COMME THE FUCK ON (this comment has ben offecily poste)

  12. my phone is Samsung j1
    it's not working why
    plz help me

  13. i dont like this but atleast you get to catch pokemon … theres no pokestops or gyms enywhere so you cant battle people or get free stuff but that will be fixed when its worldwide but still until then you can catch as meny pokemon you can

  14. when i download the game and play it.. why there is nothing on my nearby thing?

  15. I'm not sure why but every time I try to play the game it just crashes HELP

  16. The avatar cant even move if u walk fake

  17. what happend server have issue again

  18. How do I update it?

  19. thanks dude …. its working 😁 but I m not able to write my nicname…. what nickname I shoud put so that I can continue ?? bc it is showing nickname not available for all the names I am putting … tell me soon ☺

  20. Pokemon go force close in samsung j1. Thanks niantic

  21. Y does it say problem parsing the package

  22. Hey thanks man u earned a sub

  23. Thanks you very much guy

  24. i have a galaxy s3 flashed to 4.4, the appstore still says its not compatible with my phone.. how can i solve this?

  25. how u enable download from unknown devices i got iphone fix and i cant find it

  26. I cant download it please help

  27. Help I downloaded it and I can't open or find the file

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