PUBG XBOX / PS4 "HACKER" – top player controller cam gameplay

Its not uncommon that I get accused of hacking / cheating when playing PUBG.. so I decided to add a controller camera! If you’re interested in my sensitivity settings, I’ve linked them below also! Thanks for watching everyone 🙂

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Birocratic – Replaced EP, Tubshop, Lovely Rita
Boogie Belgique – Every Time

Sensitivity Settings:…


  1. It appears your using inverted y axis as well😏 mr pilot guy… i like it

  2. If I'm play on mouse and keyboard this cheating?

  3. The new elite controller is coming out in a Couple months I'm still using My launch elite controller the grip on it has seen better days lol

  4. What are your settings?

  5. holy cow man that one log distance kill

  6. Great game play. The music selection for this video is terrible though.

  7. your shot is not that good

  8. We found one on ps4 not that long ago

  9. Keep using the control cam to prove them wrong. I learn more about this game watching you play every time.

  10. Harvies, the settings link is from Dec. 2018… Is this what you changed back to?!

  11. Nice game always crisp n clean with nice relaxing beats to match keep curving your own path. #Hacker lol jk

  12. Hey Harvies… The music you use in a lot of your videos..? Is it subject to copyright?

    Another great video by the way… and you’ve definitely converted me to the AKM & Halo sight… Really making use of a lot of your tips and picked up my first 15 kill game today 👍🏼

  13. Getting accused of cheating is soo great lol does wonders for the gameing ego!!

  14. 10 dislikes? What's there to dislike? Must have been 10 out of the 13 kills you did. lmfao!!!!!!!!

  15. Amazing skills man. I love you game logic n skills 👍👍

  16. Yessss please explain the hack for this expert level motorcycle handling??
    Catch you on Mixer big homie!

  17. Are you on xbox one or xbox one x?

  18. Honestly I fr enjoy your content your great at the game but why even bother getting an elite when you could just get a scuf?

  19. cant get enuf of this controller view gameplay…do more!!!!!!

  20. When people get owned they always accuse their opponent of cheating.

  21. This was cool. You use pretty much the same controller setup as I do with the elite. The only difference is I have another button on the back for switching full auto but that one is not as useful as it used to be once they added settings for guns to be on full auto when you picked them up. I did notice you use the longer sticks on the analogs. I haven't thought of that and just switched mine to the longer ones. Already feels like it will work better. Keep up the great content.

  22. Bro I have killed you in a 3 matches and you killed me to 3 times to

  23. add 1 paddle to crouch

  24. I've played with this guy and against and trust me when I say he uses mods and does chest

  25. Brilliant play! Nice one 👍🏻 do you hold breath for each encounter? I only do for sniping but with the paddles at back I am thinking maybe it’s what needs to be done??

  26. W all do respect, but that was boring?
    GG by the way

  27. I get accused of being a mouse and keyboard player constantly. Because i can 6 spray a m4 full auto 400 meters. I call it practice.

  28. This kid would get folded in fpp

  29. You tpp players are scrubs lmao

  30. Hahaha 😂 just too good

  31. Damn why so many haters in this comment section?

  32. I dont see what's good about this guy some average shooting I'm by far better

  33. For gamers being called a cheater (when you aren't cheating) is the highest level of flattery 😝
    Nice work, harvies 🎮
    P.S. clever use of a green/blue screen for recording your remote

  34. Anyone who calls you a hacker clearly hasn't seen you potato a whole clip and throw a game before 😂 nah gg dude. Your vids are always so good to watch, keep it up

  35. Great game, but your are an inverted weirdo! Jk, but seriously

  36. Nice work .. WOW,  just like a walk in the park for you !!  GG's

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