Today we’re talking about something serious… hacking / spoofing in Pokemon Go. This is actually a much more serious problem in Pokemon Go than people think, and in my opinion it should be stopped. It seems Niantic hasn’t prioritized taking out hacking in Pokemon Go, which I really hope they change before their next major gym battling update. Let me know your thoughts on hacking in Pokemon Go in the comments!



    What I'm trying to say in this whole thing is that by people abusing spoofing, certain aspects of the game are ruined for themselves and the people around them. I am absolutely aware that there are situations where people would be unable to play if they didn't spoof, and some of those situations are justified. It's just that it's hard to fix one issue without creating another, so they'd have to find some sort of happy medium.

    Apologies to anyone I might have offended with my current stand on spoofing. I just don't like constantly seeing the negative side of it hurting the game.

  2. I think spoofing is ok as long as you don’t take over gyms and don’t brag

  3. I like spoofers, I live near one gym and no one ever shows up for legendary raids. Spoofers are always there to help me.

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  5. niantic hire me XD

  6. I hate spoofers like if u agree

  7. 9:10 worst cobra I’ve ever seen

  8. "Sponsered by Pokemon Go!"

  9. If u hate spoofer why you still raids with them just saying if you really want to get rid of spoofer than dont raid with them at all… We here just to have fun & enjoy the game..

  10. i used to spoof but I have not spoofed for a year and i have started a new account because i had so much guilt and i'm sorry 🙁

  11. I like team mystic and I got 4 legendarys

  12. i agree. spoofing has changed the game in only negative ways. i understand that kids that either don't have cellular data or can't leave their house wanna play the game. but everyone must understand that spoofing is causing people to be able to go anywhere they want whenever they want. it is so unfair to all the legit pokemon go players out there. i live five minutes away from a town that has about 7 pokestops and 4 gyms. but i can't drive so i have to walk around my neighborhood with an incense and about 5 real pokemon (not including the incense). all i have to say to those 20 year old sh**heads who are to lazy to get up and do something is …….. f**k you (sorry bout language 🙂 )

  13. Total sum up of this video is fk you disabled kids. Don't spoof

  14. Why do these people care so much it’s just a game holy shit

  15. I spoof on iOS and less than 10 seconds

  16. I only understand spoofing if you do not have mobile data

  17. Not all of us live in LA so ya don’t spoff unless u live in a boring area

  18. Hmmmmm where all the spoofers when im doing a 5 star raid?

  19. 2019 everyone spoof😞

  20. Used to be a problem, but now that my local Church has a gym I’m good. Just a 2 minute walk to get there. It does feel kinda weird playing Pokémon go in a cemetery, though.

  21. 2 years later still spoofers!

  22. all of the haters are the people who Spoof

  23. Glad to know I'm the only person who doesn't spoof and ACTUALLY follows the rules.

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  25. Cmon mystic where you live there's 30 stops right next to you. My city (and i think everyone's city or town) has barely any pokestops that's why we spoof. Btw i still play legit but only when the weather is good. No hate on you tho. And i also know that im 2 years late lol
    Edit:i dont snipe (catch any pokemon any time) or take over gyms without attacking it. How i spoof is just to go in a city thats filled with pokestops and hunt there.

    Edit 2:Spoofers help a lot of people. Like to do raids so other people can get legendaries and can get better at the game.

  26. Spoofers have small peens

  27. Sort of a Solution, Make a switch game like Pokemon Go were there r raids and gym battles like pokemon Go

  28. I live in a shit town and I only spoof to catch legendary Pokémon and that’s it and after I catch all of them I just start play normal for now

  29. 1:38 bro ive never got an evolution item 😭😭😭

  30. I Think it Is good and bad

  31. Honestly people need to understand not everything in life is fair. If u live in a rural area then that sucks for u, u can’t play pogo but there’s many other Pokemon games u can play. I was born in a family that doesn’t have much money should I go rob a bank?? No!! Point is everything in life isnt fair and cheating to cuz another player lives in a better town with better spawns is total BS. Some millennials need to get a life.
    Now if ur disabled or sick that’s a different story. I agree with Mystic7’s idea with submitting an application for a special account.

  32. For the KIDS that play and can’t go drive around (talking more to rural areas) I feel like the joystick may be ok if Niantic made a single player mode for just pokedex. Just an idea.

  33. Come to my area for a week and try and do the same shit you do in Cali and you'll be spoofing in a heart beat.

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