Top 5 Things We NEED In Apex Legends Season 3!

Top 5 Things Apex Legends Needs to Do/Add in Season 3 To Take over the gaming world again…and if it does these things – I think it will happen! Enjoy, and let me know what you think? Add your suggestions below! Like the video and Subscribe for more! Subscribe & Hit THAT BELL! | Twitter: | Instagram ► Check out my stream live ►

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  1. Imagine we could verse our friends in apex

  2. Really need mobile any battle royale on mobile I wreck at also I'm tired of playing on a potatoe PC 😭🤣

  3. 1) The thing is that when it comes to legend balance I hope they don't nerf characters. Every character BESIDES Gibraltar and Caustic are good and balanced, but those two just need buffs. Caustic less because he's not crazy bad but Gibraltar is so bad.

    2) I hope they do not vault weapons. I hate that about Fortnite. I do not mind them adding like two base weapons a year but I hope they do not remove weapons. I love using Flatline and Alternator and if either of those got "vaulted" I would be upset.

    3) The cosmetic issue is ridiculous. A skin you cannot see should not be $20. You are defending a very bad system. Look to league of legends. For $20 you can get two skins that change ability animation, recall, etc. or one skin that changes voice lines, interactions, walk style, animations, etc. Defending a skin being $20 that you cannot see is not good. The legendary skins should be $10 not $20. More people would buy a $10 skin over a $20 skin.

    4) Couldn't agree more. They have been doing decent lately by teasing the new season through the map. It would be cool if we are getting a map we start to see the map get destroyed and all signs point to a new map.

  4. EA sports…. their in your wallet

  5. if you are new to apex you cant even play a ranked game because there isnt enough players.

  6. The g7 is not under powered IMO. Muzzle flash is a little crazy but eh people feel like cosmetics for the pirate shit was way spendy..taking weapons out .. Imagine if you bought a $20 skin then your skin/ weap gets taken out… I'd play a diff game if my money got wasted..

  7. They need to allow a type of 1v1 in tutorials with either bots or your friends, because while shooting at targets is good, real players wont stand still.

  8. Really would like to see them do something with the vehicles. I can't be the only one that's wants to do a drive-by on apex lol

  9. Bro shut the f**k up if i had a shot for every “we need” I heard id be dead already. You sound so whiney we DONT need another Fortnite and Apex doesn’t need to be like Fortnite. The reason its a good game is because its unique. Your content is good and ima keep watching but this video ain’t it bro.

  10. Bring Solo's like know. I really don't like play with other people in this game. I really don't even play it slot but when they did the Solo's I played it all the time and a Solo's mode helps with battle pass progression that's my number-one for season 3

  11. Disagree with number 4. I’d rather have more meaningful updates with very few bugs than to have weekly updates that don’t really do much. Monthly or every other month updates would be nice though

  12. 3:16 when you said "ok cool" my google asistant showed up.

  13. They should make it so we can start clans

  14. They need to have solos as a perm mode and have a ranked mode

  15. I hope you all have noticed the hints to the new legend they have been slipping in lately. Pay attention to the champion banners and the announcement voices. It seems they are moving in the hype direction.

  16. You just said mobile apex? BYE.

  17. I dont think they need to give anything away. Paying money for a free to play game should honestly make you feel bad as a person its like letting candy crush get your money or some tap game you just suck as a gamer at that point.

  18. All i want in season 3 is Jack Cooper as a legend

  19. It would be really great to play against waves of bots or defend an area with teammates or solo and get some rewards maybe like HALO firefight

  20. They should add the CAR smg from Titanfall 2, that was my favourite weapon

  21. Havoc wasn't in the base game

  22. I do not want them to keep switching up the meta like fortnite , that is what killed it for me

  23. They need proximity chat,

    night/fog map

    New heroes


  24. What gpu do you have?

  25. Is it a good idea to have scope glint on snipers? Like in battlefield. (there's probably a lot of other games that have it but battlefield came to my mind first)

  26. If it launches in mobile platform, it'll kick pubg mobile or fortnite forever.

  27. The g2…*cough* g7 is good right where it is

  28. They need to X platform it like they promised

  29. gotta make the normal weapon the volt, a low firerate/low recoil energy SMG weapon that is easier to use for newer players but takes an expensive ammo and lacks the raw DPS of harder to use guns

    the legendary needs to be the softball or the charge laser from TF2, plain and simp

    add in the det charge as a "grenade" item, but it doesn't stack at all, and it doesn't throw far enough to exploit.

  30. I think they need a mode with 6 teams of 10 so every champian against every champian! That will be a stressful round for sure lol

  31. They need a playground mode

  32. we will get a weapon… they know peple are not happy with havoc or lstar

  33. They can’t really vault weapons because if you have a challenge for it and it gets vaulted how are you going to do that challenge

  34. Did he just “i think Fortnite does it the right way”?

  35. Whoever thinks training mode needs anything………you NEED to stop playing BR games and go play a Nintendo game. This game has color coordinated attachments?!? These "bots" will make you suck worse than you already do, they wont have human being tendencies and you should just reconsider the games your playing lol. Get good and remember everything isn't meant for everybody.

  36. They need to add sniper suppressors

  37. Custom lobbies to play with friends.

  38. They should make it so u can que up into training mode with friends anf be able to damage each other

  39. start training with any legend. want to practice grapple with pathfinder.

  40. They need to add crosplay?!?!?!

  41. i definitely do believe they overcharged for cosmetics, I do understand its f2p and they need their money but what they have to understand is when you put a high price tag on anything that isn't game changing, it feels kind of annoying, maybe to some insulting. they'd probably find more success if they dropped a higher volume of cosmetics at cheaper prices or just lowered the price in general. personally wasn't angry because i dont buy anything except the premium pass but I definitely do understand why people are upset about it.

  42. I toldly agree with all of that

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