Today, due to so many questions over the Earth Day event I decided to make this video explaining when the Earth Day event is taking place along with other details! Leave a like if you enjoyed!

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  2. Just caught a shiny Diglett! It’s so cute!

  3. Is pogo++ being updated????

  4. Is it just 7,00 players playing? Or do we need to do anything

    Edit: can’t wait to get my first Graudon and love the streams

  5. Just Subscribed Buddie

  6. Fingers crossed for shiny diglett! I’d take another shiny groudon too!

  7. will you get double candy for catching groudon because it is part of this event

  8. Thnx for the info i was wondering as well

  9. 4:35 here but I really don't care cuz it's like my daily routine to watch your vids

  10. Larvetar is Rock Type, not Ground Type

  11. It's always sunny weather where I live so yay for weather boosted groudon!!!!!

  12. Not hyped at all👎👎👎👎👎👎

  13. Buneary spawns weren't great in my area.

  14. Blue … nose …? That’s not digletts mouth ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  15. I want shiny geodude and diglett

  16. I didn't get one shiny buneary during that event. But I did get one today.

  17. Over 995 checks on no shiny bunny 😭

  18. I’ve got 6 shiny Groudons! One is up for trade if anyone has a shiny baby (cleffa,igglybuff,azurill or magby)

  19. some pepole work 4 days is to short

  20. Thank You for all the info Austin!!! You answered all my questions now I can get my raid group ready lol

  21. Awesome video! Thank you so much for clearing everything up pertaining to the event. I very much appreciate it. I'm so excited. I mostly want a Shiny Diglett.

  22. I have a shiny groudon;)

  23. I didn't see one shiny bunery. It sucked.

  24. Groudon raids Busan here i come and almost all the gyms in Busan are ex gyms i want more shiny Groudons

  25. which ground shinys are in the game?

  26. Is it going to be live in Japan tonight

  27. I hope that there are lots of sandshrew

  28. i just realized liftings mic is apple headphones and is good quality for apple headphones xD

  29. Love the og Pokemon music

  30. In the area where I live sense it's a pretty small town so it was hard for me to find any garbage but either way I picked what ever was on the ground and threw it away!

  31. We need more shiny Alolan Pokémon

  32. In order to get the rewards do we need to be in a certain area or we can found them in the whole world?

  33. If its like Buneary ill be lucky if i find 1 shiny

  34. Larvitar is a Rock type

  35. There are 2 reasons to follow you. 1. You always have the news before the others. 2. You're cute AF.

  36. That means wild tyranitar

  37. We're going to get it they can't figure out the next 5* boss lmao

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