Apex Legends Huge Leaks! PVE Mode + Season 3 Halloween Event!

Thanks for watching!! Subscribe for daily Apex Legends videos! In this video I cover the new Apex Legends Leaks that were found recently in the files! I show off the files for the PVE Mode as well as hints for the Season 3 Halloween Event! Drop a like if you enjoyed the video!




  1. Subscribe for daily apex videos <3

  2. If PVE is temporary like the solo event I'm done with Apex. I tried battle royal because a game was offering PVE in the future for free… I'm still waiting for that free game mode and I'm growing very tired of the best shooter very fast because it's nothing but a hamster wheel!

  3. What if “Freelance mode” is there way of having “Solo squads” like in PUBG? I mean I’d drop solo even if there were teams in the lobby lol

  4. I got the gold triple takeeeee

  5. I'm getting Outbreak nostalgia
    Edit: also Junkenstein

  6. I would pay for PVE

  7. pve will be awesome, so excited to play and hope to be able to form teams in it also

  8. I think bunker will get reworked for tm

  9. Bloodhound obviously has an engineering degree. Duh

  10. mannn fuck this pve shit

  11. Hopefully they take advice from some of us but I'm hoping they have Bangalore lore with the titan mechs. They need grenade launchers. Heat seaking ones. 🙂

  12. I want to see a fully automatic, 9999 round, kraber with no overheating. Jk

  13. I think the Pipe broken in Swamps would be Connected to the PvE maybe thats how Wraith got out in the first place? they look like Drainage pipes

  14. They need to add a pilot from titan fall to the game. Abilities would be simple. Passive, allows you to run a short distance on vertical surfaces. Tactical, invisibility. The ultimate, being the void/time tool from half way through the titan fall two campaign. Similar to the void it let's the player go to an alternate time getting you temporarily get away for your target. But that's just my thought. Cant wait for the next event to be released tomorrow.

  15. Who the f cares about pve? I mean honestly. I have always been a PVPer in any game that i have played that has PVP. (Mainly MMOs)
    Someone tell me why PVE will be appealing to anyone in a game that is strictly PVP based?
    Battle royales are PVP. why would i want to fight monsters?? I want to kill people

  16. Private match for easter eggs..?

  17. I wish at Halloween the map is at night

  18. Private Matchmaking finally!!

  19. In titanfall the freeze time thing is a grenade

  20. Will pve be like story mode? Or something else just pve similar to missions to accomplish

  21. Giving a sub and a like, but please play the Titanfall 2 campaign

  22. I'm excited for pve mode..

  23. is it just me or does this sound like a zombies type game mode?

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