Hey guys! Today’s video is a guide on how to catch Ditto in Pokémon Go. This is one of my most requested videos! Finding Ditto in Pokemon GO can sometimes be difficult, but in today’s video I teach you the best ways to find Ditto in Pokemon Go. Also in today’s video I hatch 9 7km eggs in Pokemon Go!

QOTD: Do you think Ditto is rare in Pokemon Go? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. 4:25 If a Ditto disguise Pokemon has low combat power AND orange/red ring, it's very likely it's a Ditto.

  2. The ditto is really dificulty tô catch

  3. I caught a ditto when i was lvl 1 while tryna catch a whismr, need to catch another one now

  4. I got my ditto by catching a weedle.

  5. Stuck on let's go meltan quest

  6. i founed a seedot ditto

  7. Watches video* doesn't have pokeball* what kind of player am I.

  8. Can u do a updated one me and like 50 of my friends can’t complete the task

  9. Plz tell us how to hack Pokemon go in 6.0.1 android plz I m your subscriber

  10. Lol just caught one as I started her video,after all this time lol

  11. Please send your trainer code we will became friends 😍😍

  12. Maybe because shiny sentret came out recently but, I found one as a natu yesterday. Then I got the special task, super sad face

  13. What did she just say about Alola Diglett or Dugtrio?

  14. Last time I caught one was 2017 haven’t got one since

  15. put your trainer codes below cause I need one more friend to complete a quest.

  16. I thought I caught a veanat but it was ditto

  17. Me and my daughter just caught a ditto last night as a sentret. There was 2 of sentrets that’s a good way to tell also I think. If 2 of the same ones spawn. I almost didn’t get. I wasn’t going to get the sentret. Lucky my daughter was there

  18. I click on everyone who can be ditto and I still don’t get it ditto hates me lol

  19. I accidentally caught one it was a venonat

  20. My trainer code is 5873 6233 0845

    I gift alot

  21. This quest……. stuck for 2 months now 🙁

  22. I want to tell you one thing miss that you are more gorgeous and cuter than pokemon's I am saying this from the bottom of my heart really iam watching your all videos miss please give me your reply miss poke7 girl

  23. I got a ditto before I even got the mission to catch ditto
    Oh boyyyyy…… Can you even catch a second ditto? I don't want to transfer my ditto

  24. For some reason ditto appears if you dont want him to but if you want him.. You'll NEVER EVER going to find him •_•

  25. Hey! My birthday is April 13th,

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