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  1. The gameplay is a paid actor

  2. This guy is learning others to get better but he drank a big pot next to minnis

  3. I love farming 😂

  4. He's giving us pro tips but on 3:49 there was a mini next to him

  5. Can you stop joking

  6. Well, in all my games why do i gt Just grey loot every game i play, every single game. I have the worst luck

  7. Ι once found a gold tac shotgun, a gold heavy sniper and a purple scar in frosty

  8. Yo I’m in grade 4 and it sucks

  9. I've never got a grey pistol out of a chest my RNG is so lucky!

  10. 3:43. I feel like they did this on purpose

  11. I am in grade 6 and love grabbing mats

  12. My favorite part of this vision is what you did to that last mech

  13. Who loves his voice? (Like thatdenverguyyt and danotaz)

  14. being honest i regret buying pro on proguides 🙁

  15. yeah btw you can not get a gret pistol from a chest

  16. hey one question did they vault the storm scout sniper?

  17. Then I have good RNG I really find a lot of gold weapons

  18. How to beat rng! Drinks big shield right in front of minis

  19. 3:49 lets all pretend that didn’t happen.

  20. I land at floor loot now and it’s way more reliable

  21. You cannot get grey pistols or green pistols from chests 0:20

  22. I would say zone RNG is the most important, probablly on 90% of all the solos wins ive got the zone ended up near the place i dropped

  23. 3:44 anyone else’s brain hurting he is staring at minis yet he’s drinking a big pot 😂😂😂

  24. My duo rng is literally so aweful i only get grey pistols and my enemy has gold tacs

    My solo rng is godly, gold everything off spawn

  25. I cant Login to my payed Account. Support does not answer😢

  26. Or get a gray pistol, no you can't lmao

  27. I’m fourth grade thanks I’m confused as heck in it

  28. Yeet I'm in forth grade and I'm the best in my class and in my switch

  29. 3:45 he drank his big shield first xD

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