When Apex Legends Players Have 800 IQ…

When Apex Legends Players Have 800 IQ…
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  1. And can actually aim. 😂😂

  2. Yeah these guys are fighting bots I always get complete try hards with 10,000 kills.

  3. Game coral did not work 🙁

  4. not a single "800 IQ" moment in sight.

  5. 526 blood hound

  6. 6:20 he just missed. It was very close but he missed play it in .25

  7. they have an IQ?? unpossible!!

  8. Well, people both who made video and who criticised it do you all have some fucking IQ meter to measure it ? Stupid children yeah that is what I have to shape to both parties

  9. The enemy on clip 5:25 made me lose some IQ 😂😂

  10. 5:25 my heart fucking sank the moment I saw the bloodhound looking straight at me

  11. Transition at 2:40 is just horrible. It hurts to watch.

  12. Look at PC gamers, you'll have great moves ! It's so shitty with console gamers and their automatic aiming….

  13. This video was very boring

  14. free apex coins
    User: christiancatimon

  15. 3:54 loses 700IQ for shooting his teammates decoy.

  16. None of these are anything special. Dont waste your time.

  17. 800 IQ? There were 3 (at most) 200 IQ plays in this video… Not 1 800 IQ clip in the lot… I think Shroud makes these dudes look like noobs!

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