Ranking And Explaining Every Weapon In Apex Legends!

Want to know what weapon does more damage, which weapon has the craziest recoil, and how to choose the best weapons for your fighting situation in Apex Legends? Here’s a thorough and complete showcase of each and every weapon in Apex Legends, how much damage they do, clip size, headshot bonuses, and relative value against others in their ammo/weapon class! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! |…


  1. Dude you didn’t rank the G7 scout

  2. 0:55 "What you're looking at here is an assault rifle, which is a sub-machine gun" These aren't the same. Yes in Apex they've done weird things with gun classes, but that'll make both the R301 and Alternator ARs or both SMGs. Just not both AR and SMGs together

  3. The Mozambique is good when you just land you need to defend your self and there is nothing else. I have been in plenty of situations where it saved my life. Its a last ditch after weapon.

  4. The cs player in me seeing him say it has crazy recoil: xD the AK in cs is way worse

  5. Thanks so much, before this video, I was so clueless and I was that one guy that takes a Mozambique over a peacekeeper without knowing

  6. Hate it how he says clip instead of magazine

  7. Thx bro helped a lot keep up the work ☝️☝️☝️

  8. My favorite combo is the Hemlock and longbow/scope. Gives me the confidence to know what I'm potentially getting into from a safe distance (or snipe) then have a good close quarters weapon.

  9. I love the spitfire because it is good for close range and is super accurate in aim for far range and the mag is huge so you have a lot of ammo for what your doing

  10. Mosambik is cracked i killed a hole squad wuth it solo

  11. Love the Devotion. It would make Rambo in the year 3000 very proud!

  12. Have you done one for season 2 new improvements and added weapons??

  13. I think if you pick up any ROBLOX player that’s been playing for a while you can just show them the game and then just automatically good at the guns with the big recoils

  14. A peace keeper will not do that much damage to someone that far away. The reason why it's 110 is because it's meant to show how much damage it would do straight on! Check the facts, but good video.

  15. Kraber and peacekeeper will be a good combo if yes then like my comment

  16. Who else is watching this then realising: it’s season 2 now.. balance changes would have effected these

  17. What about the L-Star? I’ve come across it a couple times in special drops

  18. make new video for the new weapons.

  19. Couldn't apex use simple easy to remember names ?

  20. Gotta update this video bro with the L-Star

  21. Players on console for devotion DO NOT slightly pull down on your joystick when using the X55 flick the joystick every so often

  22. Mozambique's effects range is 40 meters btw Mozambique is great with level 3 bolt not sure if its because I'm used to it from tf2 or its because it's one of the best pistols in the game

  23. When they gonna add smart pistol and epg maybe even cold star btw @Randaygaming triple take takes precision choke you miss half your MAGAZINE in the devotion unless you have a gen 7 devotion in titanfall 2

  24. Triple take used to be double take in titanfall 2

  25. Mozambique is just as good as mastiff in titanfall 2

  26. Mastiff almost seems better than the Peacemaker…

  27. PSA. You can't use turbo charger on a triple take

  28. 15 clip magazine… 15 round magazine. No clips in the game, it’s all magazine. Get your point but doesn’t make you sound like you know what your talking about. Like the vid, very informative, just thought for future videos it’d sound more professional, people may have more confidence in what you’re breaking down.

  29. If you think the Mozambique is mozam weak,then I'm gonna bring that mozam heat, and spit this mozam beat, all over your mozam feet!

    Its joke, I know the Mozambique is q bad gun plz don't kill me😅

  30. Man its only been a few months and a lot of the stuff you said in this is outdated now… How times have changed

  31. Mag not clip but good vid

  32. Anyone notice he didnt show when the single fire for r301, flatline, and hemlock?

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