Top 5 Vaulted Fortnite Guns! Which is the best?

This list is unranked. Its for you guys to decide in the comments!
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  1. pls sub and share thx

  2. The pump (all 4 versions epic,legendary,common,rare) and the hunting rifle 😭😔

  3. You still can get hunting rifle in tilted town uncommon and rare pump shotgun is back

  4. Yours videos are the best bro

  5. Hunting Rifle and heavy shotgun 🙁

  6. In memory’s of TAC SMG, Epic & gold pump, and Hunting rifle

  7. The pump shotgun is my favorite but luckily its back in the game such as the hunting rifle!!!

  8. Where's the double barrel shotgun?

  9. In which update was vaulted the hunting rifle?

  10. 1.Bolt-Action Sniper

    2.Tactical SMG

    3.Burst Assault Rife (all variants)

    4.Submachine Gun (all colors)

    5.Pump Shotgun (Epic and Legendary)

    Epic Please Bring these weapons Back😭😭😭😭😭.

  11. 5.Bolt Sniper
    4.Pump shotgun(Legendary and Epic)
    3.Burst assault rifle(all variants)
    2.Heavy shotgun
    1.Hunting rifle

  12. I know them all cause I started in season 2

  13. The famas was my favorite wepon in forthnite I'm so sad epic vaulted it

  14. Why u put the bast gun of this game on the 3rd ppace?!

  15. Lets just hope singularity brings back the pump😥😥😥😥

  16. 5.bouncers
    4.bolt sniper
    3. Famuas
    2. Hunting rifle my favorite gun
    1. Pump shotgun

    Rip pump it will always be remembered.

  17. 5.Bolty boi (Sniper)
    4.Tac SMG
    3.Drum gun (Yes i know its unvaulted)
    2.Pump shotguns (All)
    1.Suppressed Scar

  18. Me:Pumps are the best.
    Everybody:For sure.

  19. In my personal opinion the pump is the best gun in the game

  20. 5th Hunting Rifle
    4th Bolt Sniper
    3rd Heavy Shotgun
    2nd Pump Shotgun
    1st Tac SMG

  21. Like the video if epic should bring back the pumps and hunting rifles


  23. No not the hunting my favorite weapon

  24. Rip pump I liked it but I like tac smg more sorry to pump lovers

  25. Fortnite should add LTM with literraly EVERY Weapon,trap etc. And old stuff as Double pump,that would be cool experience

  26. 1.Pump
    2.Tac smg
    3.Suppressed scar
    4.Old AK-47 (Epic & Legendary) (it's so op dude)
    5.Hunting rifle


    i will find fortnite and murder in real life xD

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