What a Balanced Weapon! – Apex Legends

Using the almighty Wingman after yet another nerf. I still think the gun could be tweaked damage wise, but I believe the reduced magazine size was the wrong change.

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  1. APEXって日本の文化の武士も取り入れるんだね

  2. I hate that you can just say "that's teams dead" it's so cocky…

  3. … wingman is not balanced I am practically the worst player in the game and still got a squad wipe with it

  4. Wingman: balanced.
    Aculite: overpowered.

  5. Man that finale double nade knee slide finale was buttery smooth

  6. A 20 min vid, nah won’t watch
    A 19 min vid, hell yh I’ll watch it

  7. Anyone else watching while the new update is downloading??

  8. You are so good i started watching you 4 days ago and now i cant stop watching you play bc you are so good. I got a lot better at the game bc of you and i thank u very much

  9. I'd honestly watch you rather than play myself wtf

  10. The Mozanbique is fully automatic now. :/

  11. Why people that’s shooting you is so inaccurate?? Fuck. I always got shot by a 3 guys party and all of them aiming perfectly 🤬🤬

  12. Do more apex vids I love them

  13. You had plenty of time to grab their banners…

  14. why haven't I sub to this god

  15. I just started using the Wingman and even after the mag nerf, you can still dumpster entire squads after you get used to the aim. It's so strong, but I don't think it needs a nerf.

  16. He kind of sounds like Jim from The Office.

  17. Aculite:It's a sniper that can shoot fast
    G7 Scout:Am I a joke to you?

  18. How did aculite get a gun as soon as he dropped

  19. ME-RAGE….God Dammit…Mirage….epic!

  20. Respawn "confirmed" weapons in apex are balanced

    Wingman: Am i a joke to you?

  21. perfectly balanced as all things should be

  22. 1:46 when u main mirage and lose half your braincells

  23. 14:14 HE KILLS DELLOR you think he raged hard as fuck? lol

  24. We have the same skin on pathfinder

  25. لعبو خارق يزلمه شنو هل لعب هاذ

  26. So powerful they need to nerf you aculie

  27. It's so chill to watch your videos. You're really good, and you don't scream like a deranged person while playing. There's a lot of good players out there, but most of them act like screaming kids.

  28. That whole first match was sexy. You're pathfinder grapples are getting nice!

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