How To Hack FORTNITE and get any skin for FREE!?!?! (LIKE HAPPY POWER)

Pak File – pakchunk0-WindowsClient.pak
-[This is a fortnite codeing video!]-
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  1. che i swear my balls dropped now lmao

  2. Salty put the file you made with the skins in the distortion

  3. Yo, do you have a discord? If you do, you should add me. Climber#5647. I’ll explain why once you add me, just know that it’s imoortant.

  4. Sorry i had low fps i was on my laptop

  5. Awesome video salty hit that like for ya ! I Letting you know Imake Fortnite content if interested. Don't be afraid to stop by! Keep it up bro!

  6. nice can i use them in game?

  7. this is woah nelly what u do

  8. Nice job salty I subbed

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