1. My Pokemon does NOT look like THIS. It doesn't have anything you have on your screen like the pokeball.

  2. failed to direct location

  3. It’s fake because his clock isn’t changeing

  4. It's saying "failed to detect location"(12)

  5. fake my house its like 3 blocks away from the location and its not poke stops

  6. Is it just me or are they trying to show off at the beginning like showing there Pokemon and looking at there attcakes

  7. Or he literally just walked there by himself

  8. GPS signal not found (12)

  9. Bhai screen p tune dono aaps kaise khol li

  10. Failed to detect location

  11. Dude put "No Audio" in the title if your going to be so lazy that you don't even use words to get your thoughts across to the audience. I absolutely cannot stand searching for some kind of information or informative video and waiting for it to load, taking my time to view it and giving attention to something someone thought was important enough to post online for the whole world to see just to find out that you couldn't be bothered to narrarate your own ideas!!!! ANYONE ELSE RELATE???

  12. “Failed to find app”
    “Using Ios”
    i found something else that’s cheats

  13. I need archers cheat in pokemon go

  14. I looked this up because my parents don’t let me out often

  15. But how to move to different place plzz tell us

  16. Its fake. I tried it

  17. Some people took it to a whole new level

  18. Doesn't detect my location

  19. I have Android version Oreo 8.0

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